American Hostage in Iraq

U.S. news sources are finally reporting that an American was taken hostage in Iraq late Monday evening. CNN has a blurb here and AP is running a similar story. The name of the American hostage is Mohammed ( Muhammed ) Monaf, although no major U.S. media outlet is yet broadcasting that information. Mr. Monaf and the other hostages remain in our prayers.

Notice how both stories mention the State Departmen'ts silence? Something, ahem, we warned you about earlier....

Hat tip Confederate Yankee and Decision '08.

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Posted by: Rusty at 08:51 AM


1 The Jerusalem Post identifies Mohammed Monaf as an American businessman acting as a translator. He passes my smell test.

Posted by: Carlos at March 31, 2005 09:09 AM

2 All the U.S. troops in Iraq who don't want to be there are also hostages of that horrible conflict. The one who could, but won't sign orders letting them come back to defend the United States is George W. Bush.

Posted by: Collin Baber at March 31, 2005 06:27 PM

3 Collin,

if our troops came home today, the country would sink into chaos, and you'd be bitching and moaning about that too.

But just imagine the mileage you Leftists could get out of that! It's no wonder you want the troops home asap.

Posted by: Carlos at March 31, 2005 09:28 PM

4 Hey Collin, Michael Moore says get off your butt and bring him his low-fat latte and Krispy Kremes! Didn't I see you at the Anarchist's Bookfair?

Posted by: Dave at April 01, 2005 06:19 AM

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