Blame Canada

In light of Canada's withdrawal for any more participation in the US missile defense program--an announced withdrawal, I might add, coming the same day a succesful test of the system was made--our friends over at Six Meat Buffet have come up with the following alternate missile defense schematics for the Canadians. Click the image for larger image.


Posted by: Rusty at 04:35 PM


1 Bush to Putin at the recent summit.....
"Remember when we told you to keep your damn hands off the Canadian Arctic North these last 60 years?
Well Vlady..We just don't care anymore, so you take as much of that sheet of ice as you want." "The Cheese heads don't have but a couple of dog sleds and a 30 year old snowmobile to stop ya." "Y'all won't see anyone until you reach Manatoba."

Posted by: Margaret Trudeau at February 25, 2005 04:47 PM

2 One article I read said they do not want to participate in the defense act but expect us to notify them if we something coming so they can decide if we should shoot it down before it hits them or not. If they want to be notified they need to pony up at least part of the money, otherwise they need to resume the duck and cover practice session in their schools. They condemn us for being capitalists then turn to the only kids on the block with the earning ability to pay the bills. Just like most of Europe does. The time for the parts of the world that detest us to take responsibility for their own well-being has long since passed.

Posted by: bullwinkle at February 25, 2005 05:13 PM

3 Canada can go to hell - they are a part of north america, after all. Things might change, tho, because the Canadian people are on our side despite the polititions.


Posted by: firstbrokenangel at February 25, 2005 09:47 PM

4 At least the super-magnet is redirecting missile strikes to Manitoba. Fuck them. Fuck fucking Manitoba.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea at February 28, 2005 09:49 AM

5 Canada should replace the maple leaf with a chicken i mean they are acting very foolsih and just how many terrorists live in canada? MOVE OVER DUDY DO-RIGHT

Posted by: sandpiper at March 01, 2005 02:56 PM

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