Italian Hostage Hoax: Terrorists to Release Giuliana Sgrena

As predicted, Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena is to be released:

Since it has become absolutely clear that the Italian prisoner is not involved in espionage for the infidels in Iraq, and in response to the call from the Muslim Clerics Association, we in the Jihad Organization will release the Italian prisoner in the coming days
I've been saying that this was either a hoax or that the terrorists will let her go once they find out she's an anti-American activist from the begining. To quote myself earlier today:
Just be sure to cite The Jawa Report when she is released, writes an exclusive story about her 'ordeal', and then slams the US in it for forcing the poor innocent mujahadin to resort to such tactics.
Hat tip: Chad Evans and Kevin Aylward.

Chad has more. So does Digger. Shamelessly linked at OTB.

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Italian Woman Taken Hostage in Iraq

Posted by: Rusty at 01:55 PM


1 I think that you can pretty much give yourself a highfive for that call Rusty.
Nice job!

Posted by: elliott at February 07, 2005 02:04 PM

2 Pats self on back...

Posted by: Rusty at February 07, 2005 02:16 PM

3 That stunk from the beginning. Good call!

Posted by: Beth at February 07, 2005 07:40 PM

4 Good call...bad reason.....She many be Anit American OCCUPATION but she is also a communist(as is the paper she works for "il Manifesto")and as I said is a related Thread religous nutcases and communists dont mix fact I am quite supprised to learn she was not shot......and another question come to mind: What would she gain by hoaxing a kiddnapping?

Posted by: Common Sense at February 09, 2005 08:10 AM

5 Forgive me for asking-the mainstream media has gone silent on this...

Where is Giuliana,then? She has not been released.

Posted by: Sadie at February 15, 2005 03:09 PM

6 >asking-the mainstream media has gone silent on this.

because they're the 'pinko commie liberal media conspiracy' :)

and, what does Armstrong Williams have to do with this? hasn't he been 'let go' already?

Posted by: ptt at February 18, 2005 05:20 PM

7 what they say about the islam?

islam is not Terrorists.

Posted by: mohamd at March 05, 2005 08:46 AM

8 This bimbo Giuliana Sgrena for all the problems she has caused should be put in jail. Yes, jail! Because of her hard-headed brain even tough she was told ten times not to go into a certain building, she still went. She said "I'm Italian, no one will harm me". Well, it turns out that not everyone loves Italians Giuliana!! Because of her, she indirectly caused one of her country men to be killed, she lied and lied, she was only after any propaganda pictures that showed how supposedly Americans kill Iraq babies so she could report it to her communist papers. Giuliana should be put in jail!! Another problem with Italy is that it is constantly blaming every constipation and diarrhea on America, you ever want to see a conglomerate of adult crying babies, come to Italy, where you will also observe a country full of chaos, confusion, corruption, pirating, mafia, camorra, kidnapping, ruse behavior, etc, it has over 14 political mad minded political parties, in their congress sessions, they literally holler, scream, fist fight, pull hair insult, etc, it's wild session, pays honor to the old three stooges. Another problem with Italy is that President Truman's instead of giving Italy $100 million, plus the Marshal Plan to save their butts, Truman should have given Italy to the Russians. Italians don't really deserve there freedom, they never really fought for it, their freedom was given them on a silver platter. Under the big Mussolini alone, the Italians in order to conquer and enslave others, they started 8 wars and managed to lose everyone of them. In ancient times they were called Romans, but it's the same race, a rose by any other name is still a rose, so all they did was slaughter even children in the coliseums, they did that for 300 blessed years, they would go wild seeing lions eating slaves and prisoners, even would wrap sheep's clothing around children so lions could kill then easier, no lie, it's all history. Go to the Port of Caesarea in Palestine, and there you will read how the Romans (Italians) slaughtered thousands of Jews. It's a rotten race, trust an individual Italians, there are some good people every where, but god forbid, don't ever trust the Italians. In northern Italy, several years ago, there was a U.S. Marine EA-6 Prowler plane that hit a ski lift cable, the tram way fell and 20 people where killed, and after all kinds of typical Italian organized propaganda was scattered all over the news media, their Minister Prodi received $20 million form President Clinton. It was a wild false accusations that American fly while drinking, etc. The Italians blamed the American but f the bozo map agency would have given out the proper map, that accident would not have happened, those pilots were top gun high rated efficient pilots, there was no ski life shown on the map where that accident happened, thus, you trust Italy, you do so at your own risk! BTW, last I heard, that $20 million sort mysteriously disappeared. In short, bottom line is, put the false bimbo in jail!!,

Posted by: Vic at March 06, 2005 11:43 AM

9 You right-wingers have no shame. This woman is not a criminal - she is a journalist. Granted, she is left-wing. But she reported in November that citizens of Faluja were burned to death by napalm. That is a serious charge that needs to be followd-up on.

You bloggers are not journalists, and you are not there. Know what you are saying before you open your mouths.

And the 2 living witnesses in the car will support Giuliana's story. So IMO, the US Military and the Coward in Chief will have yet another self-inflicted setback.

Bottom line: you right-wing chicken hawks wanted Iraq. You got it. You broke it. And now I'm paying for it.

Posted by: Jay leno at March 06, 2005 06:43 PM

10 Without a doubt the Sgrena affair is nothing but an orchestrated hostage program. The last two Italian hostages were women that appeared covered in ridiculous, Ana chronic Burkas.

What a coincidence, that the Italian agent was shot in the temple and she was told a story by a “caring, Islamic Freedom Fighter” that the Americans did not want her to return alive. Did anyone that came out alive before ever said that? Moreover, I knew our boys had good marksmanship; but damn that's good considering the car was coming at them at a high rate of speed. Well, the soldier should at least get a commendation for marksmanship, and not face a court Marshall as some are probably going to ask for.
That poor bastard died on the way maybe but the bullet came from an Arab; the whole thing was a setup.

Time to start cleaning up Europe also. Iraq and Iran are only the beginning. I rather am a part of the Destroyer of Worlds Nation than to live under a regime that will enslave my mother, sisters, daughters and granddaughters. We must wake up and insure the future of our western culture or die trying. They are certainly trying to expand and are killing us by the thousands. They are multiplying and breeding like rabbits and quietly invading Europe and Asia. They want the same for the Americas. We can’t be self-absorbed and not count Europe and specially Latin America, since they are next door. If they go communist or Islamic we will feel it at home.

To all who agree thank, to all who do not, I no longer give a rats ass…

Read the next issue of Oriana fallaci's book "The force of Reason" when the English version comes out in September. She is not as angry as in the last one, but she does go into the dangerous growth of Islam in Europe with chilling detail.

Posted by: Albert Johanson at March 07, 2005 08:55 AM

11 Total B.S.

This has "make the U.S. look bad and get rich doing it" written all over it. Since when did terrorist organizations "vote" as is suggested this no name group did to release her? And do I have to remind anybody how incredibly odd how she was taken. Ohh Im talking on the phone with no worries in front of one of the most dangerous buildings in Iraq. I'm part Italian and personally how shes acted and the whole affair surrounding her "abduction" and subsequent "trial" and release make me sick.

If you ask me, this whole thing is a ruse to first: get abducted by a fake terrorist group (probably only one or two people, likely more Italians), two: split the ransom insurance with her captors, and finally three: shoot the brave Italian agent who discovers the truth and blame it on the Americans. This guy got shot in the temple at close range it sounds like, so my guess is they charged an American checkpoint using the dead Italians body as a sheild (it had a flak jaket on, hmmmm. . .)

Doesn't all this seem a little too convient to anybody else?

Posted by: Cain at March 07, 2005 10:08 PM

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