Zombie Arafat Dead (Again...sort of)

Arafat is said to be dead, again. You ever notice how the living dead never really die? Personally, I blame the worcester sauce. What will be Arafat's last words? That's easy. Via Jeff Quinton this news (or something like it) from Reuters:

Yasser Arafat may have only hours to live, a Palestinian source has said after Palestinian leaders discussed the president's health with doctors who are treating him at a French military hospital.

"They spent about one hour with the French doctors and heard a detailed report on his medical condition. He is not dead but we are counting the hours," the source said.

John Little finds another Reuters story claiming zombie Arafat is dead. Don't you people ever learn? You can't kill a zombie!!
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is dead, senior Palestinian political sources said on Tuesday.

The information from sources close to Arafat could not immediately be confirmed.

“He is dead,” one of the sources close to Arafat said in Paris, where Arafat has been lying in a coma at a French hospital. Officials in the West Bank said they had not been informed that Arafat was dead.

More Zombie watch all over the blogosphere, including: Quinton, Digger, Joyner, Collier, Swanky, Baldilocks, Truth, Lies, etc., Poliblogger, and so many more. Humorous takes: Sparse Matrix, MUSC Tiger, Bits Blog, Christo-Rama, QandO, and others

Posted by: Rusty at 08:23 AM


1 They said they are removing him from life support, that the situation is hopeless.

What gets me, is that the media was told that he was "stable" and not in a coma. Why all the denial though?

Enjoy Hell, Arafart.

Posted by: Laura at November 09, 2004 08:50 AM

2 The media was reporting what Arafat's wife was saying.

Posted by: Rusty at November 09, 2004 09:31 AM

3 In the words of the Muslim clerics after 9/11. If God did not want him to die he would have prevented it. So I guess God isn't on the little shits side. I'm really getting into this God stuff.

Posted by: greyrooster at November 09, 2004 10:23 AM

4 If Arafat is going to Hell he's going to have quite a few friends and enemies from the middle east to keep him company.

Posted by: Matt Bing at November 09, 2004 10:24 AM

5 His eyes will open his head will spin around a few times while chanting, "drol si natas" then he'll finally croak. Hows that for last words?

Posted by: Andre at November 09, 2004 10:58 AM

6 I wonder if he still get 72 virgins? Or is that only for the children he taught to strap explosives to themselves and walk into crowded malls.

I am certain that Arafat will get a deluxe suite down the hall from Jeffrey Dalmer and Stalin. Maybe Hitler can be his room-mate.

Posted by: David at November 09, 2004 11:11 AM

7 "Arafat is not dead...his brain, heart and lungs are still functioning"...is the latest news from Yahoo!

Is fuckface's wife in denial or what?

Posted by: Laura at November 09, 2004 11:29 AM

8 This is starting to remind me of Monty Python's, dead parrot skit.

"He's not dead, he's just sleeping!"

Posted by: Dick at November 09, 2004 01:43 PM

9 "Is he dead yet?" (is it soup yet?)

Posted by: Laura at November 09, 2004 02:03 PM

10 I wonder if he's planning to team up with Karl Marx? Or Franco for that matter...he is still dead I believe.

Posted by: MikeAdamson at November 09, 2004 03:17 PM

11 AHH I see the bastid's still alive! They said he was hooked up to a respirator, a spokesperson said, "It is God's will if he lives".

It ain't, and he won't.

Posted by: Laura at November 09, 2004 06:29 PM

12 Good riddance!

Posted by: austin at November 10, 2004 03:18 AM

13 I'd like to share a tender Arafat moment if I may.

A Weekend in the Life of a Man Named Yasser

- -

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat told a cheering crowd of 3,000 supporters gathered outside his West Bank headquarters Saturday, that Israel can never get rid of him.

- -

Arafat greeted 400 Palestinian schoolchildren at his headquarters Sunday and...said that he is not afraid to die.

"Our destiny is to be martyrs in this holy land," he said.

- -

[On Saturday,] Arafat, smiling and waving his hands, dismissed Israel's latest threat to kill him saying, "The mountain cannot be moved by the wind".

He added that he's a martyr-in-waiting and vowed to continue to lead his people.

- -

Man needs help.


It would appear that Yasser was neither a martyr-in-waiting NOR a mountain that cannot be moved by the wind. What-da-ya-know?

Yasser was already a warehouse clearance item. Going, going...

- -

"If the United States asks us not to liquidate Yasser Arafat, I assume that the government will honor that request," [Israeli president Moshe] Katsav told Israel 's Channel Two TV.

- -

Who the hell would buy Yasser Arafat, even at low, low prices?

Just for the headgear maybe?

It IS pretty snappy, you have to admit.

Posted by: trr at November 10, 2004 10:00 AM

14 Yeah, even better on a bad hair day!

Posted by: Laura at November 10, 2004 04:18 PM

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