Bush to Force Abortions, Kill Homosexuals, Return Drinking Age to 18 (some fear)

More here, here, here, and here*.

UPDATE: and here.

*That last here has a lot of other heres, er, what is the plural form of here?

Posted by: Rusty at 01:59 PM


1 He's also going to Make "tailhook" a national holiday and bring back "cave man days" so we can drag women around by the hair, while we quote the Bible. That's what we conservatives are all about, you know.

Posted by: Joel (No Pundit Intended) at September 30, 2004 02:51 PM

2 There is no plural for here......hmmmmm.

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at September 30, 2004 03:18 PM

3 I satired this bit yesterday. See Link.

Posted by: spacemonkey at September 30, 2004 03:27 PM

4 That's because as soon as you move to a new here, the old here ceases to be here. Therefore there can only be one here, the here which is here and now.

And I haven't even started Ace's debate drinking game.

Posted by: Brian B at September 30, 2004 06:11 PM

5 Hmm...if he returns the drinking age to 18, does that win him points with the college kids who think he'll bring back the draft?


Posted by: Mark at October 01, 2004 07:07 AM

6 I'm like sheay

Posted by: dsdsfsdf at November 05, 2004 08:05 PM

7 If 18 year olds can die for our country, why can't they drink?

Posted by: Corilyn at March 24, 2005 10:42 PM

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