Kerry Tolerance Police vs. Brownshirted Nazi

I'm not sure which bugs me worse, the fact that one of Kerry's tolerance police throws the first punch or that one of our jackbooted comrades turns the other cheek. Scroll down and play the video.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:42 PM


1 Well, the guy did hit the other guy first and thus should have been arrested.

During the DNC, George Bush stayed at his ranch, kept a low profile, no one was near Boston, and everyone stumping for him was real quiet that week. UNLIKE NOW - where it's the RNC, Terry McC (sp?) is right there in every one's faces. Other Kerry people are there in NYC including Kerry himself today and tonight, Edwards is making noise on TV everywhere he goes and Michael Moore is writing inaccurate articles for USA Today in the RNC!! Now tell me from that group, who was the more gentlemanly?

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at September 01, 2004 05:23 PM

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