Kerry's 1971 Senate Testimony Online

Jeff Quinton has it. And to the trolls who think that serving in the military makes you immune from criticism, please watch the video then tell me John Kerry is a hero. Also here is what one POW confronted while in the Hanoi Hilton:

The interrogator went through all of these statements from John Kerry. And he starts pounding on the table, "Well see here is this Naval officer, he [John Kerry] admits that you are a criminal and that you deserve punishment."
Just remember, John Kerry did not say that some had committed war crimes and should be punished, but that:
I would like to talk, representing all those veterans, and say that several months ago in Detroit, we had an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged and many very highly decorated veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.
Yeah, some war hero.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:54 PM


1 When John Kerry gave this speech, my late husband was still in Vietnam. He had spent 6 years in the service, graduated OCS, was a paratrouper, ranger, US Army, Green Berets, Special Forces. He had been shot once and returned to duty. His two years as an ADVISOR are not on record although I do have the papers noting his discharge date, et al. My late husband's camp,(spoke fluent Vietnamese),where he taught the South Vietnamese to kill got overrun, somewhat like in "Platoon." I do not remember the name of the type of bomb used but it blew up in the air, not landing on the ground and blowing up. He was seriously, critically wounded and it was a huge surprise that he even survived this at all. It was because of John Kerry and others like him that made it so difficult for these US hero forces to come back and try to live in normal society. That was impossible. They have learned a lot since then for now they have a clear line to psychologists, psychiatrists, debriefing, repatriation into family, then society. But back then,a soldier was afraid to even admit he was in Vietnam and was met with disdain. They were also afraid of getting "help" because it was "taboo." As time went by, he became mentally ill and dangerous to be around. In June of 1978 he was in a motorcycle accident from which he did not survive. Prior to the machines being shut off, his soul touched me and others letting us know he was finally at peace. It was people like John Kerry and his protesting group that made it very difficult for these heroic men to return home, changed, destroyed, in a drug-free world and none of them were the same ever again. This man, John Kerry, made it very difficult for all those who returned, those who are dead, those who are POW-MIA's, and the walking dead. They could not fit into society and they could not function. I blame John Kerry for that because he was the one who said he was speaking for ALL the Vietnam soldiers. John Kerry only spent 4 months in service compared to the heroic and deadly time my late husband spent there only to come home in shambles, spirit broken and the world hating him for doing his job. His life was destroyed by people like John Kerry. The time John Kerry spent in Vietman, was only a partial time that others spent time there in that war. We lost over a 10 year generation of men due to that war and he betrayed all our vietnam veterans, still there and those who were coming home and to the names that are now on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. There are hundreds and thousands of men who were destroyed by John Kerry and his protesting group. I find this extremely painful in every way because I saw what it did to my husband and cousins and friends who did return while also buring others. These men were heros and John Kerry was not but acted like he did. This can never be forgiven. We owe them and only now are we standing up for them when we should have stood up for them all along. He destroyed so many lives with just 4 months of service to his country.

John Kerry is not speaking for all the vietnam vets, nor should he ever be. He speaks of coalition forces today as he did then. He says that Bush does not have coalition forces now in
afghanistan and Iraq when all together, there are 82+ nations in Iraq. That is no small feat so how is he going to make it better? He has no plan anymore than he had when he said he was a spokesmen for the Vietnam vets. HOW DARE HE PUT DOWN OUR SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR COUNTRY? OR THOSE WHO BECAME NUTS WHEN THEY RETURNED? OR PEOPLE LIKE MY LATE HUSBAND??? He put so many of our boys in danger over there and destroyed the morale of those who did make it home. How can he live with himself - doing this while still pulling a Naval Reservist pay??? This man has no real clue and he never will. He did whatever he had to, to get the hell out of Vietnam then blamed the soldiers for any and all atrocities committed in wartime when there was only one choice - it's either them or you and since you do not want to die, it was them. His biggest mistake was not only protesting and talking in front of congress but in betraying his fellow soldiers who were still over there in the field of battle, the POW's and MIA's. He was wrong and his is wrong now.

John Kerry also mentioned the last person killed in the Vietnam War. He was from Woburn, MA and went to school with me. He was a marine. I was in the hospital having my wisdom teeth done and he came to the hospital to visit me and to say goodbye since he was returning to Vietnam. At the Fall of Siagon, he was the very last person, the last soldier, the last marine to be killed in that mess. He was only 19 years old. In books regarding Vietnam, you'll find a picture of him at the end of the books.

And this betrayer is going to run for President of this great country of ours? I THINK NOT!

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 29, 2004 12:24 AM

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