Alleged CIA Agent Beheaded

UPDATE: If you are looking for news, images, and links to the latest beheading video released by the monsters who claim they kill for Allah, please go to my MAIN PAGE HERE and scroll down for more recent entries.

UPDATE: I have the photos. Do not proceed. They are very graphic. They depict the victim, who's name is alleged to be 'Jamal Tewefic Salman' or 'Khaled Abdul Messih', being executed by a knife to the neck. His head is sawed off. They are at the end of this post.

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UPDATE: 10/02: For the latest information, links to video, and images on hostages in Iraq please check the main page by CLICKING HERE.

Here is a list of all the victims of Islamic Beheadings since late July this year.

10/02 Iraqi Victim Barie Nafie Dawoud Ibrahim Beheading Video and Images Here
9/22 American Hostage Jack Hensley Beheading Video and Images Here
9/20 American Hostage Eugene Armstrong Beheaded on Video Here
9/13 Turkish Hostage Beheaded on Video Here
9/08 Three Muslim 'Informants' Beheaded by the Religion of Irony
8/31 12 Nepalese Hostages Killed, 1 Beheaded Here
8/26 Italian Hostage Enzo Baldoni Murdered Here
8/25 Alleged CIA Agent Beheaded in Video Here
8/13 Another Alleged CIA Agent Beheaded on Video Here
8/11 CIA Agent Executed: Another Beheading Video
8/09 Another Bulgarian Beheading Video
8/02 Turkish Hostage Murdered
7/28 Bulgarian Beheading Video
7/27 Kashmir Rebels Bomb Hospital, Behead Three
7/27 Paul Johnson Beheading Video and Images Here
Origina post:


An Islamic militant group posted pictures on its Web site Wednesday of what it said was the beheading of a man it called a Central Intelligence Agency spy in Iraq.

Army of Ansar al-Sunna's site showed five sequential photographs of the apparent beheading and threatened the same fate for other people who it caught spying.

It was not immediately possible to verify the authenticity of the pictures.

The group said in an accompanying statement that Jamal Tewefic Salman, who became an U.S. citizen in 1980, confessed to be masquerading as a journalist in Iraq to spy on Islamic fighters for the CIA.

"A group of mujahideen were able to kidnap a spy called Jamal Tewefic Salman, who got U.S. citizenship in 1980. He changed his name to Khaled Abdul Messih," it said.

"We have implemented God's judgment on him and the accompanying pictures show his beheading. We call on those living off the blood of the mujahideen to repent to God and stop what they are doing ... or else the mujahideen's and God's hands will reach their necks one by one," it added.

Ansar al-Sunna has claimed many attacks since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq last year, but no official link has been made between the group and the attacks it has claimed.

The group Sunday showed individual pictures of 12 Nepalis it said it was holding in Iraq.

Militants in the country have waged a campaign of kidnapping aimed at driving out individuals, companies and troops supporting U.S.-led forces and the new Iraqi interim administration.

Scores of hostages have been taken. Some have been released but at least nine have been killed.

Updates as they happen.

(Hat tip: Chad Evans who first noticed a spike in Google searches)

Before you proceed--if you must--please take a moment to look at the names of hostages murdered by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. The list only includes the names of those who were first captured, then murderd while in captivity.

1) Daniel Pearl (Feb. 2, 2002)

2) Martin Burnham (June 7, 2002)

3) Fabrizio Quattrocchi (April 16)

4) Nick Berg (May 12)

5) Hussein Ali Alyan (June 12)

6) Paul Johnson (June 18)

7) Kim Sun-il (June 22)

8) Keith M. Maupin (June 28)

9) Ivaylo Kepov (presumed dead) (probably July 14)

10) Georgi Lazov (July 13) (rant)

11) Sajad Naeem (July 28)

12)Raja Azad (July 28)

13) Murat Yuce (Aug. 1)

14) Uknown Egyptian National in Iraq (Aug. 11)

15) Mohammed Fawzi Abdaal Mutwalli (Aug. 13)

16) Khaled Abdul Messih (aka, Jamal Tewefic Salman) Aug. 25

Last Warning: Do Not Proceed!!!







Posted by: Rusty at 11:01 AM


1 Do they ever wonder that when everybody gets wind of how they so brutalize another human being, what Allah will do to them? Or what we'll do to them? How do we adequately punish these people? Think about that for a second...I'm still stunned over Kerry's move today with his vet buddy at Bush's ranch... but say we put them through a trial and they're convicted and they get the death penalty? What's the worse thing we can do to them? Put in an IV after 10 years or so and slowly drip 3-5 different drugs into their system where they don't feel a thing and then finally they stop breathing and their heart stops beating and all of this is done with no fear? I don't care if someone wants to make fun of my run-on sentences but what kind of punishment do these people really deserve?


Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 25, 2004 04:31 PM

2 Rusty,
On Outside the Beltway, they have you going to NEIN and it's the same local guy (already dead, I believe) we saw getting beheaded earlier in the month. The pictures you have are of someone else entirely and I do not think it's new.

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 25, 2004 06:31 PM

3 #10

Video is of #14

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 25, 2004 06:40 PM

4 I'm getting the impression that the men of Islam like to give and get head.

Posted by: Dave at September 21, 2004 11:29 AM

5 burn all the islamic sand nigers mother fuckers in there own oil remember america they drew frist blood dont forget the twin towers they hate us they want to kill all of us what will it take before you wake the fuck up you fucked up libs and fuck you kerry you trader

Posted by: jack at December 01, 2004 01:21 PM

6 Jack, persons like you are exactly the reason why organisations like Al Qaida exsists :)

Posted by: Nir at December 11, 2004 10:44 AM

7 Yep jack I think u also need to be beheaded
I'd definately behead you if I had the chance u honky!!

Posted by: zarqawi at December 28, 2004 04:07 AM

8 = = Apology To The Iraqi People = =

Dear People of Iraq:

Please forgive me for the horrors my political leaders and
their military personnel have brought upon your country and
its people. Myself and others in America witness your pain
daily; we see how the Bush crime family under the cloak of
democracy has brought you only misery and death.

Like myself, there are many Americans here who feel we may
face a very similar fate soon. The destruction of your
homes, the murders and tortures of your men, the rape of
your women, all serve the U.S. military as a practice
session to eventually be used against us here too.

It is common knowledge that George Bush, Dick Cheney,
Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, Condi Rice
and other traitors (quite possibly together with Israel)
helped orchestrate the World Trade Center demolitions on
the morning of Sept 11th, 2001 in New York which killed
thousands of innocent Americans. They then used the
publicized 9/11 event to cultivate support for an invasion
of your country.

The United States has been seized by a group of criminals;
we are helpless against them. The Bush crime family has
enacted far reaching laws (The Patriot Act, etc.) which the
average man doesn't even realize has robbed him of his
rights. If we protest, if we speak too loudly now against
the government (the President), we can be arrested, perhaps
never to be seen again, sometimes even killed.

Dear Iraqi people, we are not blind; informed Americans
know the U.S. military has orders to seize and secure Iraq
as an oil asset, at any cost. Your country's heroic
defenders and your innocent citizens are being slaughtered
without mercy, without cause and we can do nothing.

Please forgive us for we are powerless to help you at this
time. We have all been deceived and we are collectively made
unwilling conspirators in these heinous crimes against your
country and your people.

Hopefully, and God willing, the false president and whore
George W. Bush and his murdering gang of global oil mongers
(to whom his father has sold him) will all be held accountable
in a world court for their crimes against humanity and will
suffer their much overdue punishment.

Posted by: Anonymous American Citizen at January 30, 2005 01:59 PM

9 I've just watched several of these beheading videos for the first time and will probably never watch them again.

Conversely, the helicopter footage of a mindless execution of those Iraqi men in the fields, seems somehow less disturbing.

And yet so much more tragic.

On one level, there can be no justification of such barbarism as that employed in the beheading footage, that's not even how a Kosher, or Halaal butcher would execute an animal, they are purposefully making the act a disturbing spectacle by using a deliberate technique which ensures the victim is alive and aware until the last possible moment when the spinal cord is severed.

However, just because the gunship 'smoke em' footage is somehow sanitised by distance and night vision, doesn't make it any less barbaric.

Does the man gurgling in his own blood, being held down by assailants suffer more than the mutilated man crawling out of the wreckage after seeing everyone around him blown to pieces, only to be bombarded by 60mm shells from above ? The amount of time in question is similar and the Geneva Convention has been blatantly flaunted in both. Furthermore, some of the victims in the gunship video are aware of their impending doom for considerably longer than any of the victims in the beheading videos.

Who is more justified in their actions ? One argument concerns conviction and focus. It takes a passionate man to execute someone in person, however video games display more blood and guts than the gunship crew had to experience when they made arbitrary decisions regarding their targets' lives.

Few of us are ignorant enough to believe that the followers of the terrorist movement responsible, are brainless Sweeney Todd stereotypes. These men aren't involved with para military tactics because they enjoy violence. Any involvment in such an act will undoubtedly require much soul searching, also long standing emotional and psychological damage. This means that to continue on such a heinous plan of events, the individuals in question must have an over riding objective, and a very high compensating mechanism.

They are resorting to extremes in what is a means to an end. The end game being the removal of antagonistic and uninvited forces from their home lands.

Whereas, the crew of the gunship are clearly out on a turkey hunt, they're probably NRA members and think Ted Nugent is the man.

Perhaps if the Native Americans had been able to gain access to such media distribution methods, their country may have become a very different place.

Let's not forget that America is a land born recently out of opression, violence and exploitation. Iraq is by comparison, the 'cradle of civilisation'

How many grotesque murders have been carried out in the name of 'freedom' or 'the constitution' or even 'white supremacy' ?

Please America, don't be blinded by your knee jerk, again.

Posted by: tx_source at February 02, 2005 12:37 PM

10 Fuck muslims, they all should rot in hell for what they did to my fellow brothers! We christians are the chosen race!! Hope that America kill those motha fuckas!!

Posted by: Chris at March 01, 2005 02:39 AM

11 i am an american citizen,a christian.
everyone condemns the beheading, many muslim
scholars and groups condemned it calling it a terrorist act.
but we should know what made them to to this horrible murder. we shouldn't forget that the
abu ghraib abuse was chiefly responsible for this.the americans started this. the abuse was so horrible some 40 innocent civilians were beaten to death. ?? who will answer this??
some injured civilians were even stitched by soldiers without anaesthesia.!!!
what about the death of 1,00,000 iraqi civilians.?
and what about the burial of iraqi soldiers alive in trenches of the gulfwar(1991) by american soldiers.?? this is too much for the iraqi's to bear. the americans made them to react like that.

if the beheadings have to stop , the american government should pull out its troops from iraq
and stop interfering and robbing others oil and assets.
if the american government cant do that , we can only expect more violence and american deaths ahead.

Posted by: jim at March 06, 2005 01:57 AM

12 You idiots make me sick! You all are clueless, the religious war has begun...when is last time that you heard of a Christian group bombing anything in the name of anything?! You haven't! These "people" may not represent Islam as a whole but they are performing terrorist acts in the name of Islam! But, do we see any real condemnation from the Islamic community...not know why? Because they agree with the terrorists, they don't like America. You know why? Because we are rich...even the poorest American is doing better than over half of the poor saps that live just about anywhere else. So please, don't blame American economics or foreign policies, these people are terrorists and they don't care about anyone but themselves. People, don't expect America to take care of you because we can't! Everyone thinks that America can just wave a hand and make anything happen...and that is not true. The world has a real messed up idea of America's capabilites. America is not here to save the world, it exists only for the BENEFIT of American citizens. So please just leave us "real americans" alone. If you don't like it, Belize has a very liberal emmigration policy. GO THERE!

Posted by: A REAL AMERICAN at March 25, 2005 01:00 PM

13 In reply to:

"You idiots make me sick! You all are clueless, the religious war has begun...when is last time that you heard of a Christian group bombing anything in the name of anything?! You haven't!"

How about Tim Mcveigh who bombed a federal building killing women, children and men in the name of Christianity or pro-life Christians who bomb abortion clinics all the time. Let's not forget what happened in Salem Mass or the Crusades many years ago in the name of God.

You need to listen to the news and study your history a lot more so you can avoid making uninformed statements like that.

Most conservatives make ignorant statements like yours because they don't know the actual facts and are just reacting blindly like children. Conservatives are usually ignorant of the truth or just greedy no good bastards who choose to ignore it and probably did very poorly in school like George Bush. Your the reason America is hated by the rest of the world and considered backwards ass hicks. Most academics are liberals because they are too intelligent not to be. They explore the facts and then make an intelligent decision whereas conservatives are kneejerk reactionaries who have little in the way of true knowledge, brains or wisdom. Educate yourselves and you'll find a much better world awaits you!

Posted by: John Lennon at June 16, 2005 01:27 AM

14 I have viewed a few of these beheadings and am appaulled. Having said that I am also disgusted by some of the comments I have read here. It seems to me that the comments of some of the "conservatives" and "Christians" are just plain racist and ignorant. What kind of Christians are you? The last posting by "John Lennon" is pretty hypocritical also - "Most conservatives making ignorant statements...just reacting blindly like children"...isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

I know tempers are flaring but if we want to avoid "knee jerk" responses we should take a few minutes to calm down before speaking (or in this case typing). The brutal beheadings or mistreatment of Iraquis by American soldiers are the result of a lengthy history of: American misinformation; poor (American) international policy; violent Arab nation regimes; religion based governments; stubborn and greedy world leaders; and inability to communicate with reason and understanding.

All of these issues have come to a head now - largely due to our "shrinking world". This shrinking world requires us all to, now more than ever, pay attention to our neighbours. We need to show courtesy, concern and lend a helping hand when and where we can (sounds like the Christianity I know). Hatred only causes pain - not healing. We are generally well educated in North America and should use that education to find more civilized solutions. The extremists in Iraq and the surrounding area are operating on raw emotion and religious fervor. Reason may not solve the problem with them right now - the troops are there now and pulling them out too soon will not work (it's too late for that now).

I don't see how Americans can expect to solve their problems overseas if they continue to fight internally (as your postings indicate).

I think extremism is the problem everywhere, whether it be Islamic extremists, Conservative or Liberal extremists doesn't matter. Centered, collected thought processes must be focussed on the problems at hand to serve the greater good.

I know many Americans are not too happy with Canadians since Iraq. Let me say this - I for one cringe every time an American or Iraqui soldier or police officer is killed. I can't say I supported the invasion of Iraq but I, like most Canadians, still support our American brothers overseas and don't want to see any harm come to them. All of you who condemn the soldiers should remember that although a few have done wrong, most are good hearted people who don't necessarily want to be there but are there to serve their country - because the government required it of them.

Let reason win this battle folks - not hatred.

I offer my heart felt condolences to the families of anyone who has died in this horrific conflict - particularly the victims seen in these ghastly video's.

Posted by: Conservative Canadian at June 20, 2005 06:58 PM

15 I saw a few videos on anwar al Sunni web site and i can only say I didn't know that a muslims are so primitive fanatics. I don't want to compare them with a animals because it will offend animals.
We should Nuke them all !
I think that we should deport all muslims from our countries and destroy all mosques. They don't tolerating other religions so why we should tolerate them.They rising their children to hate all others who are not muslims.

Posted by: John at August 04, 2005 07:01 AM

16 Only dead muslim is good muslim !

Posted by: Richard Lion Heart at August 04, 2005 07:04 AM

17 MingMingMingMingMingMingMingMing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Shaun at August 12, 2005 06:18 AM

18 Assalamaoalaikaum ,
All i have to say is that let those faggots slay and rape us ........ there is some day that we will fuck them really deeply . ! Dont worry Brothers Allah will help us ..... its just a life of a minute.

Posted by: Muhammad Mustafa at September 27, 2005 02:54 PM

19 Fuck all you sand niger mother fuckers, I hope you stupid fucks do something else in the U.S.A. because that will start the country wide riot and open season on all you islamic will be kill on site and nobody will be able to stop it!!!!

Posted by: sand niger killer at October 02, 2005 06:37 PM

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