Turkish Hostage Murdered

UPDATE 9/13: Another Turkish hostage, Durmus Kumdereli, murdered today. The post, pics, and video can be found here.

Update: I have the video linked. Scroll down.

Via Jeff Quinton I learn the sad news that my running count of murdered hostages since 9/11 is up by one. I'll update the list as soon as I learn his name. Let us never forget the victims of the Religion of Peas.

I've checked the website where Zarquawi's group usually posts their videos, but no pics are there. I'm assuming that they have opened up a new sub-domain extension for the video. I'll post it when I find it.

Update: I just saw the video. It's posted at Ogrish (no link on purpose--it's a snuff site). Can somebody tell me why we haven't carpet bombed Falujah again?

Update 2: Right on Red asks why Murat Yuce was shot rather than beheaded and wonders if it is because he was a Muslim. Possibly. Many fatwas have been cited in the mainstream press that condemn the beheadings. What is usually not reported is that if you read the fatwas carefully, the condemnation is often not about killing infidels per se, but about defiling the bodies.

Since this is all PR for the jihadis, they have a vested interest in not pissing off their audience.

Update 3: I found the video on a site that looks like they deserve some traffic. You can see it by clicking here or going to the Liberty Unites article (although the page says you must register to view video, if you click on the link under the pic and to the right it will take you directly there).

Update 4: I have also posted a shortened version of the video here.

No, I do not encourage wathcing this kind of thing for titilations sake. Why watch it? See this post.

Update 4: Sober reminder from Kevin Aylward that "They're still another Turkish hostage being held by the group."

Lest we forget, his name was Murat Yuce. His name was Murat Yuce.

I've been trying to keep the hostages executed count accurate, but may be off. E-mail me if I'm missing anyone. The list only includes hostages murdered, not total victims of terrorism.

1) Murat Yuce (Aug. 1)

2)Raja Azad (July 28)

3) Sajad Naeem (July 28)

4) Georgi Lazov (July 13) (rant)

5) Ivaylo Kepov (presumed dead) (probably July 14)

6) Keith M. Maupin (June 28)

7) Kim Sun-il (June 22)

8) Paul Johnson (June 18)

9) Hussein Ali Alyan (June 12)

10) Nick Berg (May 12)

11) Fabrizio Quattrocchi (April 16)

12) Martin Burnham (June 7, 2002)

13) Daniel Pearl (Feb. 2, 2002)

Posted by: Rusty at 03:08 PM


1 Its a horrible and important list. i grieve for the innocent Iraqi civilians killed in the al-Shura massacre, at the recent church bombing, and throughout this onslaught.

Posted by: jane at August 02, 2004 04:18 PM

2 You may have added Kim Sun Il's name to the list based on the CNN report that he was beheaded but if you recall, his beheading was reported in error and he was actually released because the Phillipines pulled their troops out 3 (?) weeks early.
Still, regardless, the list is tragic and the display of means by these barbaric individuals strengthens resolve.
My heart goes out to the families of these brave men.

Posted by: Debra at August 02, 2004 06:04 PM

3 Rusty, Did you see the films they made of Paul Johnson and Danny Pearl?? Al Quaida (who knows how to really spell this?) Only reason pictures were shown was because they were made into propaganda films. There is another with just a picture of one of the HIDDEN (I mean coward who covers his face) holding up a head - probably one of the names you have listed which we'll see as a propaganda film soon. Same with Matt if he is indeed dead. Normal beheading is hitting the back of the neck down - clean quick slice. These guys are BARBARIC, using a knife to cut the throat, pushing body down on floor holding head down till blood stops then later video comes on and they saw the head off and it's disgusting and barbaric and shocking as all hell and I believe the world should see this - all the US should see this and get DAMN ANGRY at these bastards. Someone said that we should blow up all the damn muslims in the middle east, wipe them off the face of this earth and be done with it. I have no idea why we are not bombing Fallujah, although we've done it several times. Allawi and the IGC are now in control; we are their backup. To the person who is mixing up Kim Sun Il to the filipino, Kim Sun Il was beheaded and screamed as Nick Berg did hysterically. The Filipino had a different name Debra - Cruz, I believe it was. There are more killings and beheadings than you have listed but it is impossible to keep track of all of them. The Filipino's left and that made things worse for everybody, now the Turks and their trucks are headed out of Iraq because of this shooting today. If he was held by Al-Zaqawi, then he would have beheaded him, I have no idea why he was shot in the head like that. I'd like to know how they get them to be so still and quiet but then the videos I saw on this Turk had no sound. Sound must be there to get the full effect. And that will indeed bust your ass and you'll get even more angry at people like Kerry whom I hate with a passion along with Kennedy. (I'm from MASS) Orgish I know, it passes as a porn site (I don't know what kind of material they have on there, never looked, but it is definitely up to date on anything that happens over there. I also have the video and pictures of the original 11 kidnapped and ambushed Americans with Jessica as we entered Iraq. I'd still be afraid of Saddam as the Iraqi people are because he's still alive - what a barbarian and he had very cruel, vicious, disgusting ways to torture and kill his own people; maybe that is why the shooting is also shocking - they understand that for that's how he took over the country himself. His being a muslim probably had something to do with that as well.

We are a privileged people, a civilized people and all arguments about war and terrorism would end if they saw the barbaric nature of these people as well as the Israeli and Palestinians. Can you imagine getting used to picking up body pieces and parts as your normal day living?? Egads, the world sees it, but we don't and I feel we all should see it because that is the only way the people of the United States of America are really going to know what it is like over there and put an end to it. And how can taxes not be raised when we have to protect our country from these vicious people?? Oh I could go on and on.. but as it is, I'm trying to figure out how to get my own blog going where everything is there for every one to see. God Bless, keep up the good work and as Robbie Knieval said at Louden, NH - "Thank You President Bush for protecting our freedom!" Trust me, we are a very lucky country and a free people and THEY want to change that and the life we have as we know it now. We cannot let that happen!!

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 02, 2004 08:47 PM

4 Sorry, Kim Sun Il was South Korean. What pisses me off about the 51 Philipines pulling out is that their president has been in our country many times asking for our help against their terrorists who have pretty much taken over their lives and their country. Al Quada related of course. But people forget to mention there are over 4,000 Philipines working in Iraq because there is no work in their country. And DeLaCruz was a truck driver, not a soldier but what diff does it make they only had 51 soldiers in Iraq? It's the PRINCIPLE.

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 02, 2004 09:36 PM

5 As tragic and important as all of these victims are, the two significant ones to remember are Daniel Pearl and Martin Burnham -- both in 2002. Anyone stupid enough to think that our war in Iraq is to blame needs to remember that these two were killed long before the beginning of that war. Then again, so were all the victims on 9/11. These aren't retalioation for Iraq, these are part of an older and much nastier conflict.

Posted by: Brian B at August 02, 2004 11:40 PM

6 Brian--As always, excellent point!

Broken Angel--A+ rant. Yes, I've seen all the videos and they piss me off so much that each time I see them I just about pop a nut!!

Posted by: Rusty Shackleford at August 03, 2004 02:50 PM

7 I agree with you too Brian. These people are merciless. Rusty wouldn't want you to pop a nut, that could be very painful but I know what you mean; I just have no way to VENT!

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 03, 2004 07:57 PM

8 I didn't know if I should contact you directly. Do you remember the kidnapped missionaries who's kids came up with $2M to secure their release and when they got there for the meet, their money was taken and they were killed and I don't know what happened to the missionary parents. Terrorism is a horrendous thing and all these people should be wiped off the face of this earth so we all can breathe in peace. I have no idea what makes these people so godless and unconscionable and their acts so heartless but we and the rest of civilized society should not have to carry their burdens on our shoulders. There are govts that are trying to end this and we are one of them but we can't stop our lives for them and we can't let them change ours. They must meet their maker before we do.

Posted by: firstbrokenangel at August 03, 2004 08:05 PM

9 This execution video is a SCAM!!!!!!!! If a person was shot at such close range from a high-powered pistol, that was "supposed" to be in this, I can asure u !! THERE WOULD BE A LOAD MORE BLOOD AND BRAINS THAN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Scott Mcc. at August 05, 2004 12:56 AM


Posted by: SCOTTMCC at August 05, 2004 01:07 AM

11 Yup, that and the moon landing. I knew it!

Posted by: Rusty Shackleford at August 05, 2004 02:18 PM

12 Bu zalim insanlar gün gelecek Türk milletinin ayaklarını öpmeye kalkacaklar. Ama Türk oğlu Türk olan, asil kan Türk askeri başlarındaki puşileri Gözlerine bağlayacak ve o 3 kurşunu birer birer yavaş yavaş can cektirerek sıkacak. Bunu ya o Türk askeri yapacak yada BEN !!!!... Ne mutlu Türk'üm diyene, Ne mutlu Türkiyeliyim diyene, ............ Bir Gün..... O gün de gelcek ElbeTTttt....

Posted by: Suat Doğu at August 08, 2004 07:28 AM

13 Thanks for the website. I wish you could find the names of the Iraqi people murdered by terrorists, like the Christians killed in the church bombings, and the names of the people murdered in Bali, in 9/11, in Madrid, and by terrorists in the philippines and elsewhere. It's a long list and the very length of the list is what gives it its power. good luck

Posted by: newshound at August 11, 2004 09:22 PM

14 violence begets violence.people sometimes more barabaric than the animals itself. as for me, if the world to reborn, human races must not be in this planet.

Posted by: seme at September 01, 2004 08:01 PM

15 baak alaka daka

Posted by: jon at October 20, 2004 11:45 AM

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