John Kerry on John Kerry

John Kerry is an even more dangerous man than I thought (from AP):

On the War on Terror? End it. Instead, let's assign lots of FBI agents to the case and get real tough. Maybe we'll get that dude from CSI! And then, once bin Laden is caught, we'll get that guy from Law and Order. Or that chick. Yeah, she's tough.

I want him tried for murder in New York City, and in Virginia and in Pennsylvania," where planes hijacked by al-Qaida operatives crashed Sept. 11, 2001...
On the War in Iraq? I have a secret plan. Every time Bush screws up, I'm going to criticize him and pretend like I had planned to do what Bush says he is now going to do all along. Because if I were President I would do this thing differently, but don't ask me what differently is because I can't tell you that.
He called the Bush administration's attempt to create a Muslim security force in Iraq an overdue act of desperation. "Great idea," he said. "Should have been done from the very beginning."
On the Death Penalty? I was against it, before I was for it. But I'm against it, except when I'm for it.
Kerry has long been an opponent of the death penalty, but in recent years has made an exception for terrorism. The former prosecutor said crimes like rape and child murder do not warrant the highest punishment.

"It's certainly terrorizing to the person who's undergoing it. I understand that," Kerry said. "But terrorism is a political act to terrorize a nation, to try to challenge a way of life and a standard.. It's just a different act."

On the Abortion Issue? Abortion should be legal because it is legal and everything that is legal is legal. Besides, Roe v. Wade is based on the Bible. Go read it.
Asked whether he believes abortion is taking a life, Kerry said a fetus is a "form of life."

"The Bible itself - I mean, everything talks about different layers of development. That's what Roe v Wade does. It talks about viability. It's the law of the land."

I had no idea Kerry's ability to obfuscate was so fine tuned. Is it just me, or is this the first time for the rest of you hearing that Kerry is against the death penalty? I'm not saying the mainstream press is playing that down or anything. Because, as we all know, Kerry is not a liberal.

Michelle Malkin also notes the disaster Kerry's foreign policy would be:

So, this is how Kerry proposes to make America "stronger and more secure?" By adopting the Clinton law enforcement approach as the primary means to combat Islamic terrorism? "Fastest, surest route" to a murder conviction? What about the need to interrogate bin Laden and gather critical intelligence on al Qaeda? Where did Kerry ever get the idea that putting bin Laden through our civilian courts would be "fast?" And how clueless could he possibly be to ignore the fact that much of the evidence against bin Laden (for example, statements of interrogated al Qaeda detainees such as Ramzi bin al Shibh and Khalid Sheik Mohamed) would be inadmissable at trial?

The idea of prosecuting suspected terrorists like burglars or drug dealers seems to make sense in principle, but jury trials for War on Terror suspects are fraught with peril.

Brava! I would only add that we have already seen the fruits of treating the War on Terror as a legal manner: 9/11.

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