Fun With Site Meter

One of the little known facts to bloggers who install Site Meter or extreme Tracking is that unless you set your 'privacy level' to medium or high, your site stats become public.

Of course, among the public site stats are recent Google searches.

So, where are the top bloggers getting all that traffic from and how can I get some of that action? Here are some actual searches I found on each of these blogs Site Meter stats page.

Glenn Reynolds "" [Wouldn't it be just as easy to type it into the address field?]

Kos "can kerry win texas?" [Yes, if Kos has anything to do with it!]

Atrios "Atrios" [actually, a Google Image search, which is....disturbing]

Andrew Sullivan "Now, I could have said something very profound today, but you would have forgo" [More like you thought you said something very profound today, but you didn't, and I forgot anyway]

Volokh " '16 year old' + fraud + ebay + newspapers" [What the....]

Small Victory "porn pinball" [Funny, I don't remember that game]

Washington Monthly "political animal" [Yes, you are]

Frank J "i hate michael moore" [me too]

Citizen Smash "Iraq Sarin gas rockets july 2004" [Oh yeah, what ever happened to those WMD?]

Wonkette "jockstrap" & "wonkette anal" [no comment]

Misha "rottweiler puppy weight chart " [note: adopt animal as blog mascot]

OTB "paige davis stripping" & "kerry daughter dress" & "britney spears" & "men who like to pee outside" [Your sick James....just sick]

Talk Left "12 years old sex" [What was that about the politics of crime?]

My Pet Jawa "sudanese woman pics" [blushing]

Update: Llama Butchers "guns nude blondestar"

Posted by: Rusty at 11:06 PM


1 "Small Victory "porn pinball" [Funny, I don't remember that game]"

I do! I think it came out on a "Bally" machine. *ba-da-bing!* ;]

Posted by: Ironbear at July 30, 2004 06:05 AM

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