Is Massachussettes More Liberal Than France?

Gay Marriage + France + Lawyers.....Hillarity ensues. BBC NEWS (Via No Pasaran).

France's first gay marriage, which was conducted last month by a local mayor, has been annulled by a court. The tribunal in Bordeaux declared the marriage of Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier "null and void".
Am I ashamed that courts in France are more responsible than courts in the US at correctly interpreting fundamental law? Yes.

So where will all those America haters go now that France has joined the 'right-wing' at upholding the traditional definition of marriage?

PS-A) Notice what party the mayor who performed the wedding belonged to B) Notice that the French took the 'bold' move of suspending the mayor. Govs. of CA and MA take note:

The mayor, Noel Mamere of the Green Party, was suspended for a month after defying government warnings that he would be breaking the law when he wed the two men in the town of Begles.

UPDATE: James Joyner has this to say:

I agree with Rusty, though, that the French courts got this one right whereas the US courts, at least in Massachussets, got it wrong. Fundamental social changes should happen organically through the legislature rather than be imposed by the judiciary. It's not only the way the system was designed but is essential for legitimacy. I believe gay marriage will become "normal" in short order and that voters in the less conservatives states will insist on change soon, probably less than a decade from now.
The question, of course, is should gay marriage become 'normal'? I don't think it should. As a libertarian I might tolerate it, but I would never accept it as normal.

Also, the word 'organic' implies that social change is not deliberate--that it just sort of happens. But can anyone really argue that people's acceptance of 'gay as normal' has been anything but tied to a deliberate attempt by the media at presenting 'gay' culture as normal?

Ahem. Anybody? Remember the old running joke on Threes Company? Gay Jack Tripper.

Fast forward to the early 1990's and Seinfeld "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Then Queer as Folk.

See how this is progressing?

If gay marriage ever becomes culturally legitimized, it will not be because we recognized the error of our ways and repented. It will be because we believe the myth that gay culture is just like straight culture--only different. This is only true if NY/Holywood serve as proxies for straight culture. But straight culture is not Sex in the City nor is it The OC.

So, call me homophobic.

Posted by: Rusty at 07:11 PM


1 You are Homophobic to say the least.

In the United States of America there is a clear protection that religion and state (politics) do
not mix. It very much means that Americans have the freedom to believe and live by any
religion they wish. It also protects people from religious doctrine if they don't choose to
believe in it.

When the United States tells gay couples they cannot be legally married it is based on a
religious doctrine and by enforcing it, the United Stated commits Religious tyranny on a
weaker, smaller group of Americans. This is illegal.

Religion and a belief of a single God is a philosophy and a theory, it has never been proven.
It was devised to keep civilization in check by instilling fear of eternal reprimand and
punishment if one was to sway from a certain doctrine of order. The bible is very sexist and
antiwomen and anyone who actually read it would see that. I have read it numerous times
and I agree with many scholars that there are many contradictions in it. As someone said to
me once, "the bible has caused more wars, more grief, more distruction, more pain, more
hatred and more chaos in the world than anything else." If this life is the only one anyone
will every have, then what a great injustice is it to write laws that take away freedoms from
some and give it to others especially, in the most important area in a persons life, marriage.
People don’t take insults or in that area very well. Would you?

I love the way the conservative Republicans say liberals to the left> tolerate the gay lifestyle.
Give me a break. One day Americans won't tolerate double standards. Just as slavery was
abolished, so will the government and state oppressions of Americans who simply fall in
love and choose to grow old with another adult who happens to wear the same exact sex
organs. Yikes!! What a concept. I have always found it amazing that a woman who is
deathly afraid of snakes could ever lay naked with a man with an erect projectile.
or a "snake in the grass" as I call it. More power to them. I'll stick to being Spiritual over
religious and I'll stick to chasing after butterflies.

One day America will be great again. She will find her way back. She will not spend ALL of
our money playing with remote control cars on mars or trying to see if two snowflakes are
alike. She will stop spinning around with her huge head and will come back down to earth
and will take care of her own first. One day bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated.

One day the gay community will have the greatest Constitutional scholars and the smartest
lawyers of all time to defend them and sue the United States government. We will have all
these freedoms given to us and will be very wealthy Americans for our struggles. We will be
legally married one day IN THIS COUNTRY and people will have to look the other way or
move out if they dot like it. ALL AMERICANS will be TREATED EQUAL AND HAVE
THE SAME FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS , no two ways about it. The bible and religiously
brainwashed people can stay in the closet where they belong. The world will be a more
peaceful place after that.

Thank you and good day.

Posted by: homophobic to say the least...ahem. at January 23, 2005 12:22 PM

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