Fatwa This! All She Wanted Was A Pepsi Edition

Rania Youssef has gotten herself a Fatwa, I guess for choosing Pepsi or something.


I'm a Coca Cola Man myself, so I get it. Can't accuse me of Islamophobia, nope nope nope. I'm totally into their culture



Posted by: Howie at 08:27 AM


1 Finally their outrage is justified.

Posted by: Czarkazm at December 03, 2018 09:01 AM

2 Cat walk like an Egyptian.

Posted by: Who fluffed. It Sphinx at December 03, 2018 09:27 AM

3 speaking of bottle deposits israeli police are bringing charges against netanhayu and his wife for fraud and bribery.

Posted by: ran at December 03, 2018 02:21 PM

4 Maybe someone clarify situation for Mr. Kim.......Is Actress getting Beheaded for being too Chubby to wear skimpy dress.....or is Actress getting Beheaded just for wearing skimpy dress?

Posted by: KIM at December 03, 2018 02:42 PM

5 Good thing he isnt holding it inhis LEFT hand ...

I prefer Nuka-0Cola myself - "A little radiation a day is good for you"

Posted by: bravenloybob at December 03, 2018 06:47 PM

6 #2 havent you heard that the pyramids are the work of Shaitan and the Jews and must be destroyed? Egyptians were those damned people from before, so they must be expunged from ever existing so The Faithful wont be lead astray.


(((I recall the Muslim Brotherhood said they were going to tear down the pyramids - reminded me of that episode of Monty Python (PBUH) where the guy was going to eat Chichester Cathedral )))

Posted by: bravenloybob at December 03, 2018 06:53 PM

7 #4 Will be beheaded (or buried alive) for being exploited by Non-believers instead of being exploited by one of The Faithfu.

Posted by: bravenloybob at December 03, 2018 06:56 PM

8 that is quite a booty. Kardashian worthy.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at December 03, 2018 08:12 PM

9 Why you insult Holy Koran?
Zamzam only is allowed to drink!

Posted by: Kafiroon at December 05, 2018 12:02 PM

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