Sharia Implemented in Tara Fares

Nothing to see here, just Muslims murdering a Christian for violating their precious honor.

The former Miss Baghdad, and first runner-up for Miss Iraq, was killed on Thursday after gunmen opened fire on her in the capital's Camp Sarah neighborhood, according to a statement by Iraq's Interior Ministry, which is investigating the incident.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Saad Maan, told an Iraqi TV station that two motorcyclists shot Fares while she was inside a vehicle.

The 22-year-old, a Christian whose father was Iraqi and mother Lebanese, was living in Erbil, but visited the capital occasionally. She was famous for her bold clothing and posts on social media.


Now I'm just sitting around awaiting the liberal outrage that one of their own was murdered. Obviously she's left of center. But I may be waiting forever because she was also "Christian" so I expect that will disqualify her from getting any liberal tears.

Posted by: Howie at 09:06 AM


1 You have to check ALL the whiner boxes to get any support from them. And besides the moslimes did it and they rank much higher on the whiner hierarchy.

Posted by: Kafiroon at September 28, 2018 12:52 PM

2 operation iraqi liberation o.i.l. strikes again. didn't most here support bush going into iraq?

Posted by: ran at September 28, 2018 02:59 PM

3 Hell, I Raped Juanita Broaddrick and Spilled my Seed on the dress of a young Intern....
What part of Just Lay Back and Enjoy it do these babes not understand?

My oh My..... even if these 36 year old Allegations are true, this Kavanaugh fella hardly got past 1st base.

I hear this "Victims" GOFUNDME account just went over $600k.

There is money in "He Touched me in 1982" .......

Posted by: Slick Willie at September 28, 2018 10:23 PM

4 I don't think the two women rape survivors holding the elevator door open to plead with jeff flake have a go fund me page.

Posted by: ran at September 29, 2018 03:18 AM

5 Q: What's the best thing George Soros can do with Illegal Aliens?

A: Pay them to make up stories and hassel Jeff Flake.....It's not like CNN is going to do any background on the Illegals. They'll just run with it.

Posted by: Slick Willie at September 29, 2018 09:23 AM

6 The reason I like fellas like this Ran here is....I can pretty much grope and screw my way around Little Rock and Washington to my hearts content.....Consensual or UN don't matter to me or him.....He'll just do what he's told and vote for Me my Wife and all her followers.

Kinda funny how he and his kind will get all Pit Bull like when it come time to destroy a man.......Hell, she said he tried to "Tune in Tokyo" 36 years ago at some house,...somewhere ....She only had 1 beer when she went into a bedroom with him.....Sick Em Boy!!!!!!!!!!hahha hahhahahahahah

Posted by: Slick Willie at September 29, 2018 09:37 AM

7 murdering in the name of religion ...

Its what leftards also think christians are ...

Just more proof that Islam is incompatible with civilization.

Posted by: hemmingjjr at September 29, 2018 10:55 AM

8 #4

Has anyone bothered to ask that Ford person if they had gone to previous such parties and continued to go to them after.

Likewise whether there was a history of drugs and booze being normal consumables by this Ford person at the same time as the allegations.

Posted by: hemmingjjr at September 29, 2018 11:00 AM

9 This would not have happened if we had left secular Saddam in charge
Sharia law requires 3 witnesses for rape or sexual assault
Here we seem to be heading in that direction

Posted by: Tuu at September 29, 2018 01:42 PM

10 I have never voted for a clinton and I never will!

Posted by: ran at September 29, 2018 02:19 PM

11 I do not believe Mrs. Ford. She had the tells of a liar. She is not anxious....she was not frightened, she was not emotional while recounting her alleged rape...which was not a rape. it was all a fake. Ask a normal woman. We know the game. We know the tells. She is very careful not to commit perjury. But she is still a liar. Democrats must be stopped. This is what OUR life will be like if they stop this confirmation and if they regain power. It will be the kavanaugh inquisition every day. Rally your conservative friends and get out to vote. THEY have GOT to be stopped.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at September 30, 2018 02:54 PM

12 These guys were just protecting their women.
How can a goat compete for a good man as long as gals who look like that are running around?

Posted by: John S at October 01, 2018 09:20 AM

13 who protected mary jo kopechne from Ted Kennedy. Who protected waitresses from Kennedy and Dodd. Who protected Lewinsky from Clinton...or Broadderick, or Jones from Clinton. This is is a double standard. it is evil.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at October 01, 2018 03:18 PM

14 The nerve of democrats.

Leahy questioned Kavanaugh over his alcohol use. Leahy has sat in the senate drunk.
Kamala harris questioned him about his friendships....she is known for her arrogance and extreme rudeness to anyone who works for her.
Booker questioned him about sex/groping and Booker admitted in writing to groping a teen aged girl in high school.
Blumenthal questioned Kavanaugh about honor and truth and Blumenthal lied about serving in the military in Da Nang during the VietNam war.

There's something wrong with this picture. Democrats lack self awareness. or soul...maybe both.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at October 01, 2018 03:21 PM

15 Is mrs. Ford licensed in the state of California as a psychologist. Doesn't look like it.

and that second door....she wanted it as an entrance to her marriage counselling business. SO much for telling the truth.

When do we get to put the PC aside and call this woman what she is. L. I. A. R.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at October 02, 2018 09:55 PM

16 oh...apparently today. Christine Blasey-ford is a liar. This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is a democrat hit job. VOTE in November.>>Democrats must not be allowed anywhere near reins of any power. THey are a curse on this nation.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at October 04, 2018 01:00 PM

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