Where's Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Down Under Edition

Is it pointing North or South? Everything is backwards Down Under.

Posted by: Howie at 12:35 PM


1 why would someone take the time and effort to do something like that.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at June 26, 2018 03:00 PM

2 It is pointing toward Mecca.
It is what they dream of as they 'assume the position' 5 times a day.

Posted by: JohnS at June 26, 2018 06:27 PM

3 Maybe instead of making hedge of Purple Headed Warrior....which make every progressive restless and thirsty......... owner of property carve out Crucifix...... Then subject himself to Hate Crime Harassment from World Court?

Posted by: KIM at June 26, 2018 09:30 PM

4 Fake news

Last time I saw Rusty he was here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2_Zjxo2HWs

Posted by: Based Slavic Edition at June 27, 2018 04:54 PM

5 'pointing toward mecca'. that makes sense.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at June 27, 2018 05:41 PM

6 Is that a gun in your dry lake, or are you just happy to see my satellite?

Posted by: jean harlow at June 27, 2018 08:17 PM

7 LOL now that was funny.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at June 27, 2018 09:07 PM

8 Is that all those Down Under people think about, giant penis' and beer!

Posted by: Bill Cook at June 28, 2018 02:42 PM

9 i blame AoSHQ

Posted by: redc1c4 at June 29, 2018 01:37 AM

10 I'm gonna have to look at Ice Age again. Doesn't that nose and eyes look like Scrat??

Son of a gun those dirty bastards.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at June 30, 2018 02:38 PM

11 and the toilet water rotates the wrong way....

Man was not meant to have his toilet water rotate the wrong way.

((sounds like a futuristic Swiftian story excuse for a southern/northern hemisphere holy crusade))

Posted by: trifnerin at July 02, 2018 12:19 PM

12 They deserve to be harassed for the rest of their natural lives until they conform to the water rotating the correct way. a la Jennifer Rubin.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at July 02, 2018 04:22 PM

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