Sandcrawler PSA: Communism and You

Venezuela's Combie Apocalypse continues.

The Venezuelan case is a textbook example of the evolution of socialism. While the Soviets and the Maoists had intricate five-year plans, Venezuela had essentially one big plan: Use the profits from state-run oil companies to fund a massive welfare state, and use the leverage thus gained to fortify support for Hugo Chŕvez and his political party until they achieved power sufficient to move Venezuela’s assets and its people around like pawns on a chessboard. The problem is that people are not chessmen. Chŕvez et al. turned out to be pretty poor chess players, but even if they had been grandmasters, it would not have been enough. Economies cannot in fact be controlled and managed in the way that socialists imagine,

...No one yet knows how many deaths Venezuelan socialism will inflict on Venezuela. But it is a fact that children are starving to death in what was, not so long ago, South America’s wealthiest country. In the 1950s, Venezuela’s GDP per capita was about the same as West Germany’s. (Some of you younger readers may want to read up on why there was such a thing as West Germany. That’s another chapter in the annals of socialism.) Being rich is no prophylactic against tyranny or anarchy.

Posted by: Howie at 07:18 AM


1 Maybe the cia can pull a chile and turn the country over to pro american drug cartel military like we have done in central america. if that fails send in the marines. dominican republic 1965. 1

Posted by: ran at June 26, 2018 03:29 PM

2 Look up the history of Argentina. This is an old story in South America. It has played out repeatedly and destroyed good countries and their people every time.

Posted by: JDow at June 27, 2018 04:17 AM

3 Just remember that before the communists, Russia was 'the Grainbasket of Europe'.

After communism, which murdered millions of independant farmers and dis-incentivized the rest (and found it hard t replace them - when the government TAKES the whole crop there is little point in being a HARDWORKING farmer), mass starvation killed millions more people.

Even in the 70s the Soviet Union had to buy huge amounts of wheat from the US to make up their massive shortcoming (Soviets in a country well suited to growing wheat)

THAT is what Communism does.

Growing of other necessary foodstuffs like vegatables was even worse there and FORCED the government to allow individuals to grow their own - eventually resulting in 70% of the production.

Posted by: arkenstone at June 29, 2018 08:45 AM

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