Mullah Fazlullah is Dead Jim

Happy Eid!

KABUL, Afghanistan -- An Afghan Defense Ministry official says a U.S. drone strike in northeastern Kunar province has killed Pakistani Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah. Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish told CBS News and other media outlets on Friday that Fazlullah was traveling in a vehicle along with an unknown number of his fighters when it was struck by a missile on Thursday morning.


According to a statement attributed to U.S. Forces-Afghanistan spokesman, Lt. Col Martin O'Donnell, the U.S. carried out a "counterterrorism strike" Thursday near in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan targeting "a senior leader of a designated terrorist organization."

Obviously a case of Missilosis....

Posted by: Howie at 09:38 AM


1 Is this a tipping point ? Does it have any sugnificance at all? Are the Taliban is winning and gaining territory ?

Posted by: U? at June 18, 2018 03:00 PM

2 Unfortunately they always continue to pop up like mushrooms on your lawn. But then that 'best defense is a good offense' thing is valid Clauswitz.

Posted by: dragonguy at June 18, 2018 04:57 PM

3 John Leguizamo look alike.

Posted by: Calypso Jones at June 18, 2018 07:20 PM

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