Nork Summit Boogie!

The world is a strange place.

Posted by: Howie at 07:10 AM


1 The last couple of seconds are hilarious!

Posted by: Bill M at June 12, 2018 01:44 PM

2 Lost Angels FTW!

Posted by: redc1c4 at June 13, 2018 01:33 AM

3 Fing Twitter nuked the account...

@Jack, yer an a55hole!

Posted by: redc1c4 at June 13, 2018 05:51 PM

4 Of COURSE they did. We MUSTN'T stray from the approved messaging. Citizen.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at June 14, 2018 06:58 AM

5 Twitter ideological enemies ...


Seriously with the ease of the technologies these days, it then just takes someone the management ability to get an equivalent service operating for the country. (maybe even just a portal arrangement tieing together alot of small ones)

Posted by: baglee at June 14, 2018 03:25 PM

6 only nixon could go to chine - spock

Posted by: henklelBremmer at June 20, 2018 05:26 PM

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