Sandcrawler PSA: Stupid Still #1 Most Plentiful Thing in Universe

The young man is smiling. Lucky little bastard!

But back to the original subject...

i'm going to tell you perhaps the dumbest story you’ve ever heard — a story that is stupid with a heaping helping of malice on the side.

On Sunday morning, a teenage girl named Keziah Daum posted pictures taken on her prom night to Twitter. Daum isn’t a public figure; she’s a student at a Utah high school. Her message simply said, “PROM,” and it had four pictures:

If you’re a normal human being, like the majority of Americans who saw their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds fill up with prom pictures last weekend, you thought that was a pretty girl in a pretty dress. Nothing more.

But if you’re a toxic social-justice warrior, you saw something else. You saw oppression. You saw exploitation. You saw bigotry. You saw — gasp — “cultural appropriation.”

Read the rest if you like.

Posted by: Howie at 05:39 AM


1 Virtue signalling social justice warriors will have us all in Mao Suits and caps.
The most Beautiful dress I ever saw was the Ao Dai in Vietnam, any race woman who wears it just plain looks good.
The dress looked beautiful on this girl.
SJW's need to quit whining and Activist screaming and enjoy what is pretty in life.
I guess an Asian wearing Bibb Overalls is guilty of culture appropriation of Redneck whites.

Posted by: obsidian at May 02, 2018 09:22 AM

2 You know what is going on with the language these days right? It isn't the accidental or natural evolution of language either. Language, and the meaning of words is a central element of culture. The language and words are being remade by groups in media and education to change the culture, and to make it hostile to anyone standing in the way of the new society they wish to implement. We should have diversity, inclusiveness and safe spaces that certain people are always kept out of. Make sure certain people are reminded they are not the same as everyone else, and that they own nothing. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." That is the goal they seek, and that is why the nest attacks this lovely young woman for having good fashion sense. She 'needed reminding'. USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at May 02, 2018 09:30 AM

3 somebody needs to remind Charlie Chan that the Internet was invented by white people, so he's not allowed to use it, because that would be "cultural appropriation".

Posted by: redc1c4 at May 02, 2018 11:22 AM

4 As a Star Trek fan I have been thinking a lot about an episode of TNG that is always relevant, and more now than ever. That episode is 'The Drumhead'. There is one quote especially that I never want to forget. "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably." Every inch we lose becomes a mile. USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at May 02, 2018 12:03 PM

5 It piss Kim off when Hilary wear same clothes as Kim.

Posted by: KIM at May 02, 2018 03:16 PM

6 Consider also that Attention Whoring is easy when you dont actually have to directly face people looking at you (the whore) with derision and hear their disparagement and revulsion of your mental disease. (and in the old days often there was a ohysical 'slapping upside the head' to such stupidity if not by the parents, then by nearby people who feel the need to remind the miscreant that there are repercussions for actions).

On the other hand, Leftists encourage confusion and disrption, for anything and everything. Unfortunately for them their arrogance will lead to their destruction.

Posted by: trschenbeem at May 02, 2018 04:27 PM

7 Iowahawk : Remember, when Americans wear silk
dresses it's cultural appropriation, when people in
other countries wear Levis it's American cultural

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at May 02, 2018 05:21 PM

8 It is getting to the point that when I hear 'Social Justice Warrior', I automatically think 'condescending douche bag loser'....and I am rarely wrong.

Posted by: Frustrated Teacher at May 02, 2018 11:21 PM

9 Life is way too easy here. It has been waay to long without a plague that sweeps the country or a real war to cull the herd that allows these busy bodies to think of such shiite, instead of working just to survive.

Posted by: Kafiroon at May 03, 2018 07:45 AM

10 The dress is not a problem.
Were a typical plain looking or homely woman of the type who would hire Planned Parenthood to kill their son or daughter were to have worn that dress there would be no outcry. Chelsea Clinton wore a Vera Wang dress at her wedding, but as she carries the Homely card she gets a pass.
No, the issue is that the woman is beautiful and would look good wearing a flour sack and that cannot stand.

Posted by: JohnS at May 09, 2018 03:27 PM

11 The girl is hot af.
And she told the offended to get bent.
Good on her; makes her hotter.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at May 10, 2018 06:52 AM

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