Damascus Chemical Attack

It may very well be that there may have been something that happened.

President Trump on Sunday promised a “big price” to be paid for what he said was a chemical weapons attack that choked dozens of Syrians to death the day before, and a top White House official said the administration would not rule out a missile strike to retaliate against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

In a tweet, Mr. Trump laid the blame for the attack partly on President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, the first time since his election that he has criticized the Russian leader by name on Twitter. Mr. Putin’s forces have been fighting for years to keep the Assad government in power amid Syria’s brutal civil war.

I'm not doubting that pretty much any side could have done this. Assad is a likely candidate as any.

I know its horrific, but we just stated we're moving out of Syria, several times. What we mean by that is we're moving East of the Syrian border. This attack seems designed to ensure that does not happen, which makes Iran even more likely as Assad. Iran who is on our side in Iraq, but not anywhere else, remember?

I'm not sure what the correct answer here is. The urge to escalate the situation, not good. Doing nothing, its a good choice not to get distracted.

Its clearly an in your face challenge. The wise choice for me is not to let them prompt us into something we'd like to avoid. Hold Putin accountable, demand Assad's head on a platter.

But do be cautious.

Posted by: Howie at 07:55 PM


1 it's an excuse for everybody to do what
they were wanting to do before the attack.
I'd call it Justification Theater except that
so many people don't usually die in stage shows.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at April 09, 2018 06:55 AM

2 It boggles the mind when there is an actual move to disengage from a fight against an enemy who states it wants to win and you state go ahead win we are leaving.
Much as the Easter Offensive in Vietnam March of 1972, the US was finished, pulling out all the PAVN and it's government had to do was release the POW's and wait and we would be gone, they could take the South with ease.
Yet they attacked, got a lot of stuff destroyed, many people killed maimed uprooted lives all across all three nations for basically ten square miles of land filled with dead, dying and covered in craters and un-exploded ordinance.
What needs to be said is, "Look Stupid all you have to do is don't gas folks and we are gone."
But then again, that's not the plan is it Iran and Assad it's actually the plan to keep America engaged. To keep that stick in your sworn enemies eye no matter how many innocents you have to kill and maim.
Let Russia have Iran and Syria, they deserve each other, meanwhile we have a southern border to close.

Posted by: obsidian at April 09, 2018 09:35 AM

3 Haven't posted here in ages. How about e should never have been here in the first place supporting McCain's heroes (the "rebels"). How about, is one of a myriad of reasons we elected Trump... To STOP Obama's deep state regime change in the Middle East. How about we GTFO of Dodge as in.. Yesterday. Yes, the deep state will try & do something awful to the President but if that happens, karma will take care of it.

Posted by: Mrclark at April 09, 2018 11:21 AM

4 #3 De Tar Baby. Fighting the tar baby is what any war with Islam is about.
Same with communism/Communism.
If you are not able or have the Cajones to burn them all to the ground and let camels start over then don't punch De Tar Baby.

Posted by: obsidian at April 10, 2018 12:30 PM

5 I think Hillary&Obama together should do a fact finding tour to all the Syrian rebel enclaves (they can denounce America together while there, and explain those 'lies' ).

Oops ... they are unlikely to be paid more than $100000 for the speeches, so that nixes THAT idea.

Posted by: barflier17 at April 14, 2018 06:40 PM

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