Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Who's Taco Bell?!?! Our Taco Bell!!! Edition

Rusty is on a deep cover assignment infiltrating domestic terror groups.


Anyway, caption contest?

Posted by: Howie at 03:15 PM


1 Diversity is our strength. Mom's basement is my home.

Posted by: Robin Hood at September 02, 2017 04:21 PM

2 Great job, Mom! No one will ever be able to pick me out of a lineup!

Posted by: Mike at September 02, 2017 06:00 PM

3 Does this bandanna make my ass look fat?

Posted by: Zimriel at September 02, 2017 06:17 PM

4 Antifa member does his part by eating any Nazi he sees!

Posted by: FrustratedTeacher at September 02, 2017 07:52 PM

5 Antifat member saddles up for attack on capitalist food vendors..

Posted by: Tracy C Coyle at September 02, 2017 08:16 PM

6 Bloat Lives Matter!

Posted by: EyeSurgeon at September 02, 2017 09:20 PM

7 Fat Bastard joins Antifa. Wonders where the buffet is.

Posted by: Simon at September 02, 2017 11:47 PM

8 KKKaptain KKKaos looking for KKKape!

Posted by: epador at September 03, 2017 12:30 AM

9 fear me.....I will crush you!!!

Posted by: xtron at September 03, 2017 09:55 AM

10 Success comrades! Another Nazi-loving, Trump-loving, all-you-can-eat buffet shut down.

Posted by: The Man from Athens at September 03, 2017 10:30 AM

11 Where are the Hot Pockets? They said there'd be Hot Pockets!

Posted by: Spiny Norman at September 03, 2017 11:41 AM

12 Her "Mom I am going to an Antifa protest to find a boyfriend, none of the guys there have girlfriends.
Mom "None of them have jobs, how are they going to feed you?"

Posted by: JohnS at September 03, 2017 02:41 PM

13 Antifa now has a 'Trojan Horse' tactic to rapidly get 6 of its members across Police blockade lines.

Posted by: blemeyton6 at September 03, 2017 03:07 PM

14 Don't move, I have you surrounded!

Posted by: Gadzooks Mike at September 03, 2017 04:01 PM

15 Maybe....He only Soros employee who work for Bacon Burgers and rings?

Posted by: KIM at September 03, 2017 06:49 PM

16 Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will pay for this Lap-Band surgery.

Posted by: The Git at September 03, 2017 07:37 PM

17 I thought the group was called antipasta.

Posted by: Bill Cook at September 03, 2017 11:16 PM

18 This is what a cheese steak addiction will do to ya. Rusty, Rusty, Rusty.

Posted by: Barry at September 04, 2017 02:15 PM

19 Did someone say antifasto?

Posted by: Calyso Jones at September 04, 2017 08:00 PM

20 Antifa - Providing their own barricade.

Posted by: Kafiroon at September 05, 2017 08:13 AM

21 Beauregarde finished testing Willy Wonka's three-course-dinner gum with the key lime pie option.

Posted by: Paladin at September 05, 2017 08:32 AM

22 The clever camouflage of the new anti terror bollards will make taggers think twice before breaking out the spray cans.

Posted by: aussietrev at September 05, 2017 03:43 PM

23 All over your taco bells are belong to me.

Posted by: Cold57 at September 06, 2017 01:55 AM

24 That's no moon. That is an Antifa member.

Posted by: cyclown at September 06, 2017 01:18 PM

25 The state of Florida partially unveils their guaranteed hurricane-proof storm barrier.

Posted by: Orlando at September 07, 2017 11:49 AM

26 Fatwas need to be issued!

Posted by: The Man from Athens at September 07, 2017 01:16 PM

27 Demoted to Brown Shirt 3rd Class when he refused to throw a brick through the window of a Krispy Kreme store.
This one is being watched.

Posted by: GEORGE SOROS at September 08, 2017 11:36 AM

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