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The majority of publications on Yazidism also mention that Yazidi traditions are oral as opposed to written. Billy Hallowell of The Blaze states: “Yazidis primarily pass on their traditions orally, which makes pinning down all of the contemporary and historical elements somewhat difficult.”

This is partially true. Baba Sheikh disclosed that one eclectic holy book did exist, but it was stolen. He said Arabs, Turks or Persians stole the book instead of the British, which a few journalists currently claim. Therefore, Yazidism may in fact primarily rely upon oral tradition, but there is a written canon akin to the Bible or Quran. Its location is still a mystery today, though. It is also important to note that Yazidis rely upon two incomplete texts that are currently in existence: the Black Book and the Book of Revelation.

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1 Sounds like the attacks on President Trump.
Let's just make some shiite up and see if it sticks.

And Hillary will Never be President!

Posted by: Kafiroon at July 12, 2017 09:54 AM

2 five hundred years ago....
"Siaed, where is the holy book which is the
central artifact of our religion?"
"I lent it to Mustafa. He said he wanted to read
the dirty parts to his new goat."
"There is Mustafa now. Hey, where is the holiest
of holy manuscripts?"
"In my backpack, Khalieed."
Where is your backpack now, Mustafa?"
"On my... oh, i set it down in the marketplace for
just a moment."
"Fool! Those arab bastards in in town today, they
take everything that is not glue to a rock!"
"I am almost certain it was in that pack,
but the pack is gone!"
"We should have engraved it on stones like the ancient
eagyptians did."
"Saied, have you not seen what the arabs did to the
pyramids? Place is a dump now and no one can
read heiroglyphics."
"Does anyone remember what the book said? And not
just the dirty parts, Mustafa. Like, the rules and stuff."

meanwhile, in a pasture nearby,
a goat quietly munches the last bit of papyrus
and thinks, not bad but i should have waited
for the movie.

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