London Bridge Attack Coverage

Patrick Poole has coverage here at6 PJMedia.

Breaking reports indicate that a van has jumped onto the sidewalk on the London Bridge and struck pedestrians. There are subsequent reports of possibly related stabbing and gunfire incidents in nearby Borough Market and Vauxhall.

Posted by: Howie at 06:02 PM


1 Time for politicians there to start making believe the problem wasn't THEM doing very little to vet the people they let into their country and ignoring evidence of islamist recruiters and preaching of violence by muslim clerics there in Enhgland.

MAjor sweeps of islamists they already have evidence against would be a good start, but I doubt the lefties there will yet be scared enough to do that prudent action.

Posted by: freedorborn at June 03, 2017 10:39 PM

2 The london police are on edge right now,
using every intel source and technique
available to search for signs of the kufar
whispering to each other.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at June 04, 2017 06:24 AM

3 Now that there are 62 genders....there are no men left in British Culture. They are screwed,

Posted by: Kevin Dickson at June 04, 2017 08:50 AM

4 "I cannot comprehend how 'men' are not taking torches to Mosques in the UK"
Because you elected a government that has sold you out to the Muslim's.
Your Mayor is a Muslim.
You have been disarmed and anyone who dared to even look at a Muslim in a hostile way would do more time than the Muslim's would.
You folks are cuckolded.
What the hell are you going to do when this becomes an everyday mass murder spree?
You have three choices.
1. Submit to Islam.
2. Become a second class citizen with no rights and pay the infidel tax.
3. Bare your neck and stand still while you are beheaded.

You are not allowed to fight back by your government.

Posted by: obsidian at June 04, 2017 01:13 PM

5 'Tis the season...

Posted by: Anonymous at June 04, 2017 05:14 PM

6 Too bad GUN CONTROL keeps them unsafe.

Posted by: BJ54 at June 09, 2017 02:16 PM

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