The Thing Terrorists Fear The Most is Losing Their Power
That Power IS Online Propaganda

The only way ISIS exists is if it exists in the minds of people, it achieves this with online snuff porn heavily laced with radical Wahhabist narratives.

Kill the idea, kill the perception. Kill their ability to wreck Muslim minds.

He talked of the executions in the public square at the hands of ISIS:

“I saw people get their heads cut off. Usually, they would kill one to two people a day, but sometimes there weren't any people killed. Every time someone was killed, they left their body out for at least a few days for the people to see.”

...From Greece, Samir went to Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and his last stop was Germany. When asked about what ISIS is the most scared of, Samir said:

“Losing control. Without their control of the media, TV, radios — they are weak. They cannot last. We were scared at first when we saw the first videos of Islamic State killing people, but then we see this is their source of power. They are very scared of losing this control.”
Hamad, 27, was a civilian activist when ISIS invaded Raqqa, which made him a threat from the very beginning. Hamad spoke to IJR about how ISIS views activists. “They find all intellectual people to be threats. They murdered many of the activists, the educators, and media personalities in Raqqa,” Hamad said.
Hat Tip: Brad Thor.

Posted by: Howie at 01:58 PM


1 i dunnoe. having seen rather a lot of heads come off
on video, i am more inclined to chuckle than feel fear.
i have become... not jaded... what's the right word here...

anyhow, i don't think we can really stop the hydra from
growing new video distribution heads. perhaps it would
be better to re-edit the sound tracks into propaganda that
makes ISIS look foolish and re-post on the jihadii fanboy
sights. Ridicule rather than redacting.
Obviously my point of view is from way over here,
a safe distance from the sharia street patrols
and death squads. Also far from Detroit.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at May 18, 2017 04:28 PM

2 no problem. the terrorists and murderers have lots of friends in the leftist media to keep them from losing their propaganda channels (all they have to do is send the tapes to the media like they used to, and those whores/jackals will publish them for everyone to see.

Posted by: dirgeofreto at May 19, 2017 01:07 PM

3 Khmer Rouge in Arabic.

Posted by: Zimriel at May 19, 2017 08:14 PM

4 destroying their propaganda outlets will not destroy islamic terrorism

destroying islam on the other hand...

Posted by: Retard Strength Trumps Smart Power at May 20, 2017 07:34 AM

5 They are also of course worried that the media snd people will ignore them
So let's all try to continue to make sure that they receive all the publicity that they crave, both in their actions and deaths

Posted by: HI Josie ! at May 21, 2017 02:23 PM

6 Sounds like another "cultural revolution", what if the practice wasn't political or religious or ethnic but "business" as in "not letting the livestock get too smart and culling the outliers".

First rule of human husbandry, never let the livestock get smarter than you are.

Posted by: Steven B Smith at May 22, 2017 04:37 AM

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