Sandcrawler PSA: BOLO Steve Stephens (Update: He's Dead Jim!)

I know this is posted all over. all I can say is I hope he is captures ASAP.

Rip: Robert Godwin, and Lord comfort his family.

More on Robert here at

He Had Nine Children and 14 Grandchildren

Stephens murdered Godwin around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon (Cleveland time), and posted the video to Facebook, where it remained for about three hours before Facebook took down the video and Stephens’ entire page. Police initially said the video was posted to Facebook Live, but later that night Facebook released a statement saying the video uploaded later.

In the video, Stephens can be heard asking “Can you do me a favor? Can you say [his girlfriend’s name]?”

Godwin, obviously confused by this non sequitur from a stranger, repeated the name in a questioning tone of voice. “Yeah,” Stephens said. “She’s the reason this is about to happen to you. How old are you?”

A clearly perplexed Godwin started to walk away, while exclaiming “I don’t know nobody by that name!” Those were the last words he ever spoke.

Update: 04/18/17 10:51 cdt: Steve Stephens saved us all a lot of trouble and expense and killed himself. Best move he's ever made.

BTW: F*ck his "woman problems."

Posted by: Howie at 06:46 PM


1 Beck played a long segment of audio
in which Stephens explained why
his life is such a mess.
His ex-GF made him gamble.
He is out of all other options
except killing strangers.
It's not his fault at all, see.

I hope the reason he cannot be found
is cause he killed himself already.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at April 18, 2017 07:31 AM

2 Only a fool waits for french fries at McDonald's. The Big Mack brought him down.

Posted by: greyrooster at April 19, 2017 07:29 AM

3 Christian doctrine says that any punishment in THIS world will be NOTHING compared to the after life (divine punishment). That being said, 'turning the other cheek' didnt mean (and doesnt) that perpetrators of crimes would be tolerated in THIS world nor apprehended and face punishment for their crimes (nor should be surrendered to).

Posted by: libeloustarg at April 19, 2017 02:38 PM

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