Trump Drops Mother of All Bombs on Taliban ISIS in Afghanistan

Whoa Baby! Look at that Boomah!

You might remember footage of this bomb being dropped-- but that footage was video of test detonations. We never actually used it, though we certainly put out word that we might.

We just did. Possibly in retaliation for a Green Beret's recent death there.

The bomb weights 21,000 pounds.

Man that thing is huge.

Update: Heh would it not be ironic now that AQ is on our side in Syria that the Taliban ratted out ISIS for this strike?

Posted by: Howie at 12:14 PM


1 It about time we quit screwing around with those cretins.

Posted by: Kerri at April 13, 2017 12:43 PM

2 Not Trump. He allows the Military leaders to make these decisions. And for once it worked.

Now what would have happened if Barack HUSSEIN Obama had been involved? The 96 terrorists would still be alive because Obama would have warned them in advance. Very proud to be an American today. GO TRUMP. Let the Military do their thing. It's what we pay them for.

Posted by: greyrooster at April 17, 2017 09:37 AM

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