Juan Thompson of St. Louis Arrested for Hate Crimes Against Jewish Targets (Update Thomson Worked for Glenn Greenwald Reverted to Islam)

An arrest has been made in a bomb threat case against ADL headquarters in NYC:

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- An arrest was made in connection with the bomb threat called into the national headquarters of the Anti-Defamation League on the East Side last month.

Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri. He is accused of making at least eight of the threats against JCCs.

Reading the NYT's we find that Mr. Thomson accused an ex of sending threats in his name.
The man, Juan Thompson, made some of the threats in his own name and others in the name of a former girlfriend, apparently in an attempt to intimidate her, according to a federal complaint filed by the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan and unsealed on Friday.

In one threat, made on Feb. 1 against a Jewish school in Farmington Hills, Mich., the complaint said, Mr. Thompson claimed that he had placed two bombs in the school and was “eager for Jewish newton,” an apparent reference to the December 2012 school massacre in Newtown, Conn., in which a gunman killed 20 students and six school employees.

Which leads me to this twitter feed.

That twitter leads us to this page on a website called The Intercept.

Juan Thompson is a former staff reporter for The Intercept.


Where we find that Thomson is a Black Lives Matter activist.


But it didn’t take place Wednesday night. Several Black Lives Matter organizers trekked to the Washington, D.C., suburb of Manassas, Virginia, on a damp, cool evening, with the hope of disrupting a Trump rally there. They were stopped at the door by event organizers who refused to allow in anyone, even with a ticket, who had on T-shirts or carried signs that disparaged Trump. The activists were wearing T-shirts that simply read “black lives.”

“What Trump is doing is disgraceful,” said Black Lives Matter activist Aaron Geeding.

The article comes with a disclaimer from The Intercept's editorial staff
Editor’s Note: February 2, 2016
An earlier version of this story included quotes attributed to a woman and her husband, described as Trump supporters. The woman was identified by her first name, Kathy, while the man was identified only as her husband. The reporter had provided a real individual’s full name and identity to editors but said the source did not want it to be used. When contacted, this individual said she did not support Trump, had not attended his rally, and had never spoken to our reporter.

The relevant section, which has been removed, read: “‘They need to be monitored and surveilled,’ said the woman, who was only willing to be identified as Kathy from Buckhall, Virginia. ‘We don’t need an influx of this in America. We’ve got to stop it.’ Her husband noted, ‘That’s what we like about Trump, he’s not afraid of the backlash. He tells the truth.’”

This piece includes additional quotes that The Intercept could not verify, including several from unnamed sources. We have been unable to confirm the existence of the Black Lives Matter activist named Aaron Geeding, and we have not found clear evidence that an Anna Ramirez was interviewed or that she attended this rally.

We have also added attribution to language taken from the news website Philly.com.

The problems with this story reflect a pattern of misattributed quotes that The Intercept uncovered in stories written by Juan Thompson, a former staff reporter. We apologize to our readers.

So I suppose the false flag quote that the Media called Trump on from his speech to Congress was, gasp, accurate.

Update: CNN confirms I have the correct person's twitter.

Update: 03/10/17: So Mr. Thomson who worked for a homosexual while Muslim.

Ironic no?

Posted by: Howie at 01:15 PM


1 He is apparently responsible for about 8 of the hundreds of threats against Jewish organizations

Posted by: You at March 03, 2017 12:36 PM

2 Main stream democrat?

Posted by: KIM at March 03, 2017 12:48 PM

3 Go Jawa!

I guess we still have absolutely no idea what his motivations were...

Posted by: epador at March 03, 2017 02:56 PM

4 Maybe.....funny thing is.... he pass George Soros HR Background check with flying color........

Posted by: KIM at March 03, 2017 04:36 PM

5 If Obama had a son...

Posted by: Kuffar at March 03, 2017 04:52 PM

6 John rysan,

Charged with 8 does not exclude him from the remaining 92.

Posted by: Odie Wan Kenodie at March 03, 2017 06:30 PM

7 Odie,

Of course it does! The others could ONLY be Trumpers, see?




/do I need to?

Posted by: Spiny Norman at March 03, 2017 09:41 PM

8 I don't get it. He (CLAIMS) his ex is a Jew yet he claims to hate White people. Then of course it's Trumps fault. What no Nazi?
I'm starting to get it. I think. Black lives don't matter. That's one mess up group of homo sapiens. (or maybe not homo sapiens.
Decent blacks piss me off. They make it hard to condemn the entire bunch.

Then again in my many travels to other lands, I've noticed this Black whining thing seems to be a Black American thing. This hatred for cops seems to be a Black American thing. This hating White people is a 99% Black American thing.
I don't understand why more Whites don't hate blacks in return.
Yea, Yea. We're supposed to be better than them. But if we are doesn't that mess of the equality thing? It's a weird country we live in. Made worse by leftest liberals over the past 50 years. What do they say? DA CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 04, 2017 08:05 AM

9 greyrooster: There are plenty of folks with very melanotic skin who don't condone or behave like a Marxist Commie Left of Left-WIng commie or Thug From the Hood. They just don't get or want media or community attention and prefer to be relatively anonymous like most of us not so melanotic folks. Agreed this Black Whining Thang is an American {left-wing and "Black Muslim") Thang. They are a minority of the Minority. But they get Big Press.

Posted by: epador at March 04, 2017 04:24 PM

10 #9. And they never speak up. So if 99% don't condemn the behavior of Black Lives Matter, rioting, looting, arson by their bros then they condone such behavior. Which means these melanotic skins are full of dog poo when they say they are against it. PEOPLE OF MELANOTIC SKIN. Oh God another silly handle for blacks. To solve a problem you must first identify the problem. And the problem is black culture in America. It's the black community at fault for racial problems. Not the guy paying the bill. The Federal Government claims 76% of American blacks are born out of wedlock. This daddy less thing done for financial reasons is the black communities fault. And not anyone else. Of course I will say the liberal left has aided this life style by paying them to have more (who knows who daddy is) brats. Those who are physically able to support themselves and have been on welfare and public assistance for 30 years are nothing but thieves. They are stealing from the people who not only support their families but also those in the black community. This success has slowly spread to lazy Whites. Whatever comes from Africa seems to end up being against anything good. Smallpox, Aids, Ebola, Al Sharpton, pants worn below one's ass. Entertainers who believe they must perform 9% naked. Obama's daddy. A belief their failure in modern society is the fault of others. etc:
Good that you have an opinion. I have one also. Difference being mine is based on facts.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 05, 2017 12:34 AM

11 Another thing that bothers me. Have Jews stopped fighting back. Some years ago Jews in America stood up to these black muslim thugs. I haven't heard much from them in years. Perhaps, Obama and company caused them to accept this garbage. Perhaps President Trump will stand up for Jews who wish to stand their ground. Who knows. Perhaps it's to late. I understand that many Jews are packing up for a move to Israel. That is all but the wealthy ones.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 05, 2017 12:42 AM

12 #9. If I appeared to respond to your comment a bit harshly. Please forgive me. As I'm drunk again. It's just a subject that really pisses me off. I sometimes feel like I'm a sucker made so by my own government.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 05, 2017 12:46 AM

13 I think many of us feel like we are suckers made so by our own govt.
Especially now that I see a man arrested and charged with 5 felonies for defending himself and others from anarchist thugs.

Posted by: Kafiroon at March 08, 2017 08:21 AM

14 The lure to convert all American blacks to Islam is a powerful drug for the Islamist. To have a special protected group, able to operate lethally outside the law against enemies of Islam is a great desire not just for Muslim militants but some Blacks.
It would in a sense release on America what is going on in Israel with the Palestinian's.
Blacks converted would become the US version of displaced Palestinian's with all the related intrigue and murder.
Many if not all American black race hustlers have visited Palestine and learned from the Palestinian's.
Of course they also wish to raise up a group of whites, Asian's and no doubt Native Americans as well, any protected class will do...except probably Gay folks.

Posted by: obsidian at March 11, 2017 12:17 PM

15 this was a long and detailed article
but you had me at
"he converted to izzlam."

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at March 13, 2017 08:16 AM

16 If the stupid world would only listen to me now and twenty years ago and OUTLAW ISLAM. None of this shit would be happening today.
Meanwhile White liberals say we should lay down and take all they throw at us. Therefore avoiding violence. Perhaps Whites should rethink things. Ya.
I'm a racist and Islamophobe. Don't like it? Kiss my ass.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 16, 2017 08:39 AM

17 We should all read Obsidian's post three times.

Posted by: greyrooster at March 16, 2017 08:42 AM

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