This is Not The Total And Utter Failure We're Looking For

A terrorist, known to the FBI BTW as a terrorist but we don't want to be called Islamophobic or anything by acting before we have dead bodies, murdered five people at Ft. Lauderdale airport.

TMZ has obtained surveillance video from Friday’s terror attack at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport that shows the first shots fired by Esteben Santiago.

In the video, you can see Santiago causally take the handgun from his waistband and open fire while passengers run for cover:

The terrorist claims allegiance to Islamic State. No biggie.

Oh my God!, FOUR! people died from a winter storm, gasp!

Someone get David Muir on scene, Stat!

Move along. Move along.

Posted by: Howie at 07:35 AM


1 Did you see the stupid old woman try and hide behind luggage cart?
No protection at all!

Posted by: Phil at January 09, 2017 03:18 PM

2 51:10 of squirrel? Not today.

Posted by: Valerie at January 09, 2017 09:23 PM

3 I wonder if execution by slow drowning in a bucket of pigshit might stop/disuade at least a few of these Murderes for Allah ???

Posted by: trifflebang at January 11, 2017 07:50 AM

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