Jeb Bush and the Gimp Suit

So the snark of the day goes to Kurt Schlichter, but what makes today different form any other day?

What have we learned from this? We can’t answer that unless we get beyond the natural tendency to assume that the problem is that everyone else is wrong: “Gosh, if the voters weren’t so stupid they would have totally fallen in line with our commands and right now we’d be watching Jeb Bush being fitted for a gimp suit by Hillary instead of seeing Trump [checks current polls] uh, cleaning her clock. Wait, what?”

...In short, did we completely screw up? Nah, it’s clearly everyone else who’s wrong. They’re just too stupid to understand that they need to obediently fall in line. After all, their real interests are actually – and super conveniently – our interests.

Seriously – is that where we are at? Because I’m hearing a lot of such nonsense from people horrified at Trump and, by extension, the GOP voters who nominated him fair and square. Can we really blame them for voting for the one guy who actually paid attention to what they were saying?

Yes indeed the Indians have gone off the reservation that the GOP had so lovingly gave them, fine land they said, plenty of water and trees they said. Game to hunt, good fishing they said.


Um, yeah. See there is A TREE, it wasn't a total lie lie.

Posted by: Howie at 01:44 PM


1 what we learn is that now at least half of republican party are populist social conservatives. with movement conservatives business and chamber of commerce free traders. ayn randist libertarians and finally neo-cons at 1% but have the conservative media under their control. populists now cans stop the wealthy from buying the g.o.p. nomination with romneys mccains and bushitheads.

Posted by: ran at August 02, 2016 03:16 AM

2 im sure the dnc (whole pack of fuqtards) criminal stupidity is just beginning in this election

Posted by: dinglebendz at August 05, 2016 06:44 PM

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