Feel Good Story of The Day: Another Pali Terrorist Buried Alive, Buried Alive!

He was buried alive, buried alive!

he Islamic Jihad militant group says one of its tunnels in Gaza has collapsed, killing a militant who was inside.

The Palestinian group's website on Sunday identified the militant as 28-year-old Ibrahim al-Masri. It provided no further details.

Palestinian fighters, especially those affiliated with Gaza's Hamas rulers, store weapons underground and have used tunnels to carry out attacks inside Israel.

Since the beginning of this year, 14 members of Hamas have been killed in tunnel collapses due to flooding or cave-ins that have also been referred to as work accidents.

It was probably one of those Zionist ground collapser machines, you know an inside job.

LMAO an inside job.

Posted by: Howie at 02:35 PM


ya know.....if isrial planted a fe IED's in a few pally tunnels.....weellll....
maybe there would soon be fewer tunnels being dug....

Posted by: xtron at July 11, 2016 05:11 PM

2 If they dug those tunnels for sewer or water the citizens wouldn't be in such a shithole.

Posted by: free` at July 11, 2016 06:17 PM

3 "...Zionist ground collapser machines, you know an inside job."

Heh. Oh, if only it were true...

Posted by: Spiny Norman at July 12, 2016 12:35 PM

4 Fasttrak to the Lake-O-Flaming Pigshit (tm)

Posted by: triflebog at July 13, 2016 09:54 PM

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