Awesome! Hillary and Obama Knew Syrian Opposition Were Terrorists Sent Arms Anyway

So from the beginning the administration was willing to lay down with terrorist groups at war with the United States in order to destabilize Syria.

When you think about the number of dead terrorists its created, its not a blad play, unless you count all the dead minorities and the total destruction of Syria and NW Iraq.

Possibly a better strategy would have been to stay in Iraq and hold the gains made and leave Assad alone.

Just saying.

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Posted by: Howie at 01:13 PM


1 The problem is that Obama takes other world leaders at their word. He doesn't care who has guns or what they can do or what resources the US has to prevent bad behavior. So he doles out favors and then wonders why his foreign policy is such a disaster in every corner.

It is almost as if he WANTS us to fail.

Posted by: Gork at June 15, 2016 10:20 PM

2 Almost, Gork?

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at June 16, 2016 09:02 AM

3 These people have taken what was a precariously stable condition in the ME and screwed it up more than I could have possibly imagined....amazing! But I am sure it is George Bush's fault...

Posted by: Frustrated Teacher at June 16, 2016 06:00 PM

4 What surprises me is that someone is surprised by this.

Posted by: greyrooster at June 16, 2016 10:51 PM

5 Aiding and Abetting the enemy.

No wonder the democrats dont want to call it a 'war', when in wartime, Treason is punishable with the Death Penalty ...........

Posted by: figaroademarco at June 18, 2016 06:29 AM

6 Willful Negligence ??

But then these leftists see it all as a success, exactly what they want to happen - destabilization opens opportunities for these scumbags.

Posted by: fsfsfrerere at June 19, 2016 10:37 PM

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