Religion of Super Crazy Unfathomable Stupid

Just when you thought the Religion of Peas could not get any weirder, a Muslim tries to murder the doctor who delivered his baby for looking at her coochie, you know, with half a baby hanging out.

Riyadh: A Saudi man was arrested after he shot a male obstetrician, arguing that he had no right to assist his wife’s delivery and that a woman gynecologist should have been around.

Dr Muhannad Al Zabn, who has a Jordanian father and a Saudi mother, delivered the baby one month ago at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

According to media reports, the father went to the hospital and told the doctor he wanted to see him to thank him for helping his wife with the delivery of the baby, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Thursday.

The two met in the garden of the hospital and during the conversation, the shooter took out a gun he had concealed under his clothes and fired at the doctor.

As the Saudi father fled the scene, medics rushed the victim to the emergency department then to the intensive care unit. The shooter was later arrested by the police.

Had the Muslim man actually had the balls to witness the birth of his child he'd realize sex is the last thing you think about as a baby is exiting the mother.

What an ignorant moron.

Posted by: Howie at 08:28 AM


1 I'd say "evil."

Posted by: Valerie at May 27, 2016 12:20 AM

2 Not just a murderous ingrate, but a deceptive and cowardly one. Another example showing where civilization is needed to crush this muslim barbarianism and drive it into the sea.

Posted by: brifborgensen at May 27, 2016 04:24 PM

3 stupid is no defense for murder

Posted by: brifborgensen at May 27, 2016 04:41 PM

4 Having worked in health care in Riyadh, I can only say, these people are feces chucking chimps, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

Posted by: Malaking Baboy at May 28, 2016 12:41 AM

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