In the Future Islamic Terror Attack May Cause Backlash

So why wait to find out.

The International Business Times ran a piece by Michael Kaplan, not long after the attack, headlined, "Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack: Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Often Follows Violence"

t didn't actually happen yet. But let's report it anyway. It's much more important to speculate about another imaginary blowback than to show sympathy for the politically inconvenient victims of Muslim terror.

Kaplan based his piece on Vocativ which ran its blowback piece at 7:45 AM. That's really impressive. We may have a new "blowback" speed record.

For the future, reporters should simply skip to reporting the Muslim fears of blowback and avoid discussing the attack itself... because that might just generate more blowback. After every terror attack, reporters should immediately rush to a Muslim neighborhood to preemptively interview potential victims of the possible blowback about their fears of a blowback.

Posted by: Howie at 03:22 PM


1 Greetings:

Okay, let's go to the box-scores.

Posted by: 11B40 at March 23, 2016 04:13 PM

2 Disgusting, ain't it?

Posted by: Stephanie at March 23, 2016 04:27 PM

3 Oh it is going to blow alright. One of these times the tiger will get poed. and they will Not like the results. They are unaware that when Americans get turned loose or throw off the limiting "rules of engagement" we are Way too good at killing our enemy.

Posted by: Kafiroon at March 23, 2016 06:51 PM

4 The worrying about "blowback" got posted early in the day at a lot of different sites. People whine about their imaginary, potential hurt before the smoke has even cleared from real murders.

That particular phenomenon makes me wonder if all those people, who think that there's something wrong with Islam itself, might be right. The lack of respect and empathy for the suffering, the dead, and their families is a strong signal of ethical impairment.

Posted by: Valerie at March 23, 2016 07:25 PM

5 There's nothing like a pile of fresh, twitching bodies
from which to make a speech
about one's superior moral concerns.

I cannot tell if the media are just enjoying the show or if most of them have secretly converted.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at March 23, 2016 08:37 PM

6 As Tam said, no one can go from zero to Boxcars as fast as angry Europeans.

Posted by: Kristophr at March 23, 2016 10:14 PM

7 We need to reinvigorate the term 'Colaborator" for these wankers apparently conspiring with our enemies.

Posted by: tinderburst at March 24, 2016 08:22 AM

8 Remeber the fisrt thing Crusaders do is to clean up at home before they leave.

It is actually a wise policy to not leave traitors at your back.

Posted by: tinderburst at March 24, 2016 08:24 AM

9 "Collaborator" .... no borate in the cola...

Number One Son ruined Mushroom Joke ... IDIOT!!!

Posted by: tinderburst at March 24, 2016 08:27 AM

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