Jailed Jihadi Rock Star Still Recruiting For ISIS via Youtube

Via Jihad Watch:

Omerovic’s “flat was stuffed with jewellery, cash and savings books worth a fortune when it was stormed by Austria’s elite heavily-armed police special forces team WEGA.” Who was financing him?

Jawa file image of Ebu Tejma describing the sexual encounters he had with goats in Syria to a captive young audience.

And the characteristically witless Daily Mail portrays him as having magic powers to “brainwash” people. They don’t explain exactly how he does this, because if they did in any honest manner, it would lead them right back to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Opening his trial in Austria, the prosecutor told the court that Omerovic’s ‘main message was that Islam needed to be spread to the world through jihad.’

He added that Ebu Tejma was travelling through Europe ‘like a popstar on tour’.

And he added that the popstar analogy was particularly appropriate because Omerovic even had his own YouTube channel aimed at young Muslims aged between 14 and their late twenties.

The problem here is the term "had" a Youtube channel, the folks at Islam4UK are busy making sure that Mirsad Omerovic can still recruit from prison.


Posted by: Howie at 02:22 PM


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