Attn: Twitter User @AbuSafiyya3 Abu Safiyya as Swedi

I like the internet because it gives me the ability to *meet and interact with diverse and interesting people world wide.


People like...

Norway’s Police Security Service (PST) launched an investigation Tuesday into Bastián Vásquez, a Norwegian of Chilean descent featured in an English-language video released by a jihadist group at the center of bloody conflict in the Middle East.

Vásquez — also known as Abu Safiyya — is the protagonist in a 15 minute video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on the website Liveleaks on Sunday. In English, Vásquez explains that ISIS had captured a checkpoint on the border between Iraq and Syria following a battle in which he claims several border patrol soldiers were killed. The video shows a room containing more than a dozen captive soldiers, and ends with a shot of a police station being razed to the ground by explosives.

Dear Bastian, enjoyed our interaction!


Update: Related:

OPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- A Norwegian court has jailed an Islamic radical in custody for four weeks for threatening a witness to change his testimony in a case involving recruiting people to fight in Syria.

Prosecutor Per Niklas Hafsmoe says Arslan Maroof, known as Ubaydullah Hussain, was apprehended on Tuesday after "an incident" last weekend.

Thanks to Dan.

* fuck with.

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