Shocking News! CAIR Victim Arrested For Attempting to Join ISIS

Famous last words come back to haunt Saadiq Long, "If the U.S. government wanted me to question or arrest or prosecute me, they could have had me in a minute."

A military veteran and Oklahoma native who became the face against “Islamophobia” in 2013 faces charges after he was recently arrested along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Officials said the Muslim man, Saadiq Long, 45, was attempting to join ISIS.

We accept your invitation Mr. Long. Please have a seat, someone will be attending to you shortly.

Well maybe not shortly, whatever.

Hat Tip: CA Patriot.

Posted by: Howie at 10:55 AM


1 Should be imprisoned in an unlocked room next to obamas bedroom in the whitehouse. And along with the dogshit in chiefs major military personel cuts, the WH Secret Service/secutity detail should be downsized and their armament restricted to red and yellow caution cards.

Posted by: dribloffov at November 25, 2015 05:18 PM

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