Awesome! Only 37% of Jobs Since 2014 Went to Native Born Americans

Its good that you need emigrant labor and that legal emigrants can make money. Its bad when they outpace the native population so badly.

But the punchline: since December 2007, according to the Household Survey, only 790,000 native born American jobs have been added. Contrast that with the 2.1 million foreign-born Americans who have found a job over the same time period...
And remember there are millions of jobs off the books so to speak. A cash and black economy that isn't being counted at all.

Also Americans, get a job!

Posted by: Howie at 10:10 PM


1 Have none of you grand wizards ever heard of baby boomers retiring?

Posted by: Forrest at September 08, 2015 11:14 PM

2 Retirees are counted, and have been, all along. Do learn to read. It is what adults. do.

Posted by: Valerie at September 09, 2015 05:37 AM

3 Simple way to drive all the illegals in our country out without a single cattlecar train rolling or militarizing the border (near term anyway):

$50000 fine and possible prison sentence for those employing (or conspiring to employ illegals, like our leftist friends) each illegal alien (anonymous phone rewards will be in play), cut off all government welfare/benefits for illegal aliens, retroactively terminate 'citizenship' for 'anchor' babies and 'dreamers', and add a "three strikes and you're dead" law for foreign criminals (one charge count will be illegal status in country).

Posted by: brigantex at September 09, 2015 05:47 AM

4 the ones here by forign government policy (ie Mexico and China) may refuse to take their citizens back and at that point assets of those countries should be seized and them be embargoed until they do. With jobs/economy restored to American citizens (and ending the hemoraging of money out of the country to them) we can thumb our noses at whatever economic issues those strong actions migh bring.

Posted by: brigantex at September 09, 2015 05:56 AM

5 Hope and Change never did nor was meant to be for American's.

Posted by: obsidian at September 09, 2015 08:15 AM

6 So why is it that for profit businesses would rather hire immigrants than native born?
Maybe your kids just don't want to work as hard as immigrants

Posted by: Righter at September 09, 2015 01:59 PM

7 #6 because alot of businesses of the type use extortion to force/leverage less than legal work conditions and various kickbacks.

the funny thing is that because its so much cheaper, that the illegal who DOESNT/Cant do as much work as a native worker still is a good deal.

Posted by: trippledigit at September 10, 2015 05:34 AM

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