Sandcrawler PSA: Things That Are Sad

As when its left up to the French to defend America. While the American retards of the day... um yeah.




Anyway.... I know, we give you French a hard time. But we love ya France. Vive Gilbert du Motier!

Posted by: Howie at 06:13 PM


1 The French people love America.

Posted by: Captain Harlock at July 07, 2015 06:29 PM

2 The french make love with their faces. This is why their are few true Frenchmen in France.

Posted by: Greyrooster at July 07, 2015 07:32 PM

3 So it looks like the heat is on at StormFront Rooster?

Posted by: Tony Montana Political Refugee From Cuba at July 07, 2015 10:03 PM

4 What's stormfront?

Posted by: Greyrooster at July 07, 2015 10:57 PM

5 Good answer! LOL

Posted by: Tony Montana Political Refugee From Cuba at July 08, 2015 07:15 AM

6 Greetings:

I get a bit of my TV news from the France24 English language broadcasts and they are doing a good bit of work in L'Afrique du Nord and Le Sahel and by work I mean boots on the ground and then on some Islamaniac necks.

Posted by: 11B40 at July 08, 2015 09:52 AM

7 Shrub being told people will now forget the republicans on the supreme court stole the election for you and now you can attack iraq. Don't worry about wimp corporate democratsin congress they will be afraid we will call them traitors.

Posted by: captain*arizona at July 08, 2015 03:07 PM

8 and Israel is still an apartheid state, right Cap'n?

allez a une ecole maintenant!

Posted by: pathfinder at July 08, 2015 05:03 PM

9 @8 No despite netanyahu it is not thanks to the good people in israel. Netanyahu is an afrikaaner though.

Posted by: captain*arizona at July 08, 2015 05:59 PM

10 Bush being told he can make $100,000 dollars at charities helping wounded warriors that he got them wounded. (yahoo news)

Posted by: captain*arizona at July 09, 2015 01:27 AM

11 Anyone ever think about what caused 9/11. Why America was attacked? What reason was given by the investigators? Have we ignored the reason? Will future attacks be done for the same reason?

Posted by: Greyrooster at July 09, 2015 09:37 AM

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