Found! Lee Siegel's Soul Mate!


DEAR ABBY: I am a single woman who borrowed $80,000 to send my daughter to college with the understanding that she would take over the payments once she was professionally established. She is now so "into" her new lifestyle that she is refusing to have contact with her "poor" birth mother. She refuses to take responsibility for repaying the loan, which is in my name, and says "tough luck" to my stupidity.

This means I will have to continue working until I drop dead. Abby, I am 60. Is there any help for me? Has this happened to other baby boomers? -- POOR BIRTH MOTHER IN GEORGIA

DEAR POOR: Sadly, yes it has. And no, there isn't help for you. Because the agreement with your daughter was verbal and wasn't put in writing, you don't have a legal means to force her to assume the loan payments.

Abby didn't realize the solution is right there, all BIRTH MOTHER IN GEORGIA has to do is die and problem solved!

Posted by: Howie at 07:58 AM


1 The other 2x fun facts about this situation?

1.) That millenial b*tch is going to end up overpaying Social Security, Medicare, and 0BolaCare for her dumb birth-mother and not receive a dime in those same benefits!

2.) The dumb single Baby Boomer "liberated" birth-mother probably wishes she had gotten married to one of those "evil" single, white Southern males with a job, doesn't she?

Moral of the story: Leftist/DemoKKKrat lifestyles denigrate, dehumanize, and destroy "1 man, 1 woman" families, the centerpiece of human society.

Posted by: Mickey Shwarma at June 12, 2015 09:33 AM

2 Of course the Biological father seems to have not acted very honorably we hear no mention of him

Posted by: Righter at June 12, 2015 12:07 PM

3 God bless my parents, who raised me better, and led me to a life where I paid my school debts in a lump sum by a single check.

Being able to do that was priceless.

Posted by: Valerie at June 12, 2015 12:25 PM

4 LOL! Yeah, I saved you the trouble of knowing who your biological dad was, didn't I, son? He paid well, though, for just an hour of my time......*sigh*

Posted by: Righter's mom at June 12, 2015 12:59 PM

5 College is overpriced and just not worth it for most people today. Most folks would be better off going to trade school and learning a high-tech trade or a good paying, low-tech trade straight out of high school.

Posted by: Captain Harlock at June 12, 2015 02:23 PM

6 Heh.
That degree in womyn's studies will serve her well as a waitress and part time stripper.
You do have one card to play: when she gets knocked up by the trucker you can charge her by the hour to watch the kid.

Posted by: The Man from Athens at June 12, 2015 06:10 PM

7 The real solution is to show up with your suitcase and (not a stretch) all your cats for a stay extended long enough to pay off the debt - say about 20 years. Make sure you sell everything you own and put in in a trust she can't touch (hell, leave it to the cats), post frequently on her LinkedIn site (just think of the imaginative things you can endorse her for) and make sure you tell her every day what tough luck you are having that caused you to move in with her.

Posted by: DocEpador at June 12, 2015 08:17 PM

8 Probably should have spanked her more when she was a kid Boomie mom; made her go get a job when she was a kid. Oh well, stinks for you.

Posted by: pathfinder at June 16, 2015 09:47 PM

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