Usaamah Rahim Did Call His Father To Say Goodbye Before His Martyrdom

So if Imam Ibrahim Rahim knew Usaamah talked to his father, chances are he also knew the reason for the call was to say goodbye, expecting to be killed in a terrorist act.

About two hours after the phone conversation with Wright, officers decided it was time to move.

Just before they arrived, Rahim called his father to say "his goodbyes," a law enforcement official said. Investigators heard the conversation.

They believed Rahim was going to board a public bus with his military knife. But the FBI and Boston police team approached him in a parking lot ahead of time.

Rahim pulled a knife and went after them, they said. Officers drew their weapons and shot him dead.

Imam Ibrahim Rahim's attempt to mislead the public about the phone call from Usaamah to his father might be construed as Obstruction of Justice which explains why the cat has Imam Ibrahim Rahim's tongue.

Posted by: Howie at 09:42 AM


1 WARNING! This post contains materials indicating that no dhimmis and/or non-Muslims were even lightly hurt by this latest incident of Holy Jihad!

Have a Nice Day, and Death to Amrika!

Posted by: Trigger Warning Guy at June 05, 2015 10:22 AM

2 That's exactly what thought when I first heard that.

Posted by: Stephanie at June 05, 2015 05:31 PM

3 *Muslim savages*. Kill the lot of them.

Posted by: shadowman at June 05, 2015 07:03 PM

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