Mass. Man on FBI's Most Wanted Terror List Killed in Syria (bumped)

ahmad abousamra fbi wanted poster dead.JPG

Ahmad Abousamra, a co-conspirator of Tarek Mehanna, is dead. Dead, dead, dead!

The Iraqis released his name as Abu Samra:

The Interior Ministry announced the killing of the ISIS film-making expert, known as Abu Samra, during an air strike on ISIS targets in western Anbar.

The ministry said in a press statement followed by, “The Falcon Intelligence Cell of the Interior Ministry’s Intelligence Service has confirmed the killing of the ISIS film-making expert, known as Abu Samra,” noting that, “Abu Mohammed al-Souri, known as Abu Samra and who is an American national, was killed during an air raid against ISIS in western Anbar,”

I wondered if it might be Ahmad Abousamra, who was indicted in federal court but who was thought to be in Syria with ISIS's propaganda wing. According to the Daily Mail, it's him.

----UPDATE: When I first posted, the Daily Mail had a blank placeholder post announcing Abousamra's death which told me that they knew his identity but had not yet finished writing the story. But now the story is written, and I thought I'd post just a bit linking Abousamra not only to Tarek Mehanna, but also to the two Boston bombers:

Abousamra had attended the same notorious mosque as the Boston bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, as well as other convicted terrorists.

'Abousamra's father, a prominent doctor, even sat on the board of directors of the Muslim organization that runs the [Islamic Society of Boston] mosque. He stepped down after the FBI began questioning his son,' Sperry said.

'As mosque president, internal documents show, Dr. Abousamra hired Hafiz Masood, brother of a known Pakistani terrorist, to be the imam of a mosque in Sharon, Mass., which his son also attended,' the article added.

Back to the original post ----

Just a reminder that his buddy Tarek Mehanna, now in federal prison, claims he was just exercising his First Amendment rights when he translated materials on behalf of al Qaeda in Iraq -- the group that would later transform itself into ISIS.

There's even a Free Tarek Mehanna group on the interwebz. Because, you know, innocent.

Abousamra is now enjoying the pineapple treatment instead of the 72 virgins he was expecting. He will not be missed.

Thanks to @swtich_d

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2 On, noez.......I have the "Dead Jihadi" Sadz........ 8^( *sad trombone plays*

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5 Gross facial hair. Glad that disgusting enigma is gone. Eat shit in your hell, idiot.

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6 Welcome Ahmad. Call me Caitlyn.

Posted by: Virgin # 1 at June 02, 2015 07:54 AM

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