Obama To Nigeria: No Help With Boko Haram Until Nigeria Accepts Homosexuality And Abortions

Obama is taking advantage of Nigeria's fight with Islamic terrorist by blackmailing the country into changing its conservative laws regarding homosexuality and abortions.

from Gateway Pundit:

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo spoke in Rome to Aleteia, saying of the Obama administration:

"The United States actually said it would help Nigeria with Boko Haram only if we modify our laws concerning homosexuality, family planning, and birth control."

A Wall Street Journal article about an interview with Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan published last week described "various issues" supposedly keeping the Obama administration from providing more support to Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram, but did not mention the morals issues claimed by Bishop Badejo. [...]

In August 2014, then U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman(R-TX) made a similar charge to Bishop Badejo's, saying the Obama administration was withholding aid to Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram in part over Nigeria's "social policy."

While innocent people are being slaughtered and children are being enslaved, Obama is busy playing politics and imposing his socialist agenda.

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Posted by: DMartyr at 02:45 PM


1 I think even if they did submit to his socialist agendas, he'd find another reason to not help them. We so badly need another leader.

Posted by: Max at February 18, 2015 03:12 PM


Posted by: sound awake at February 18, 2015 03:20 PM

3 there's a pattern here:

obama is very tough wih our allies who oppose islamism - like israel and egypt and the kurds, but appeases our enemies/the islamists like MB and iran.

he mght not be a mole secretly working for the enemy, but he might as well be.

Posted by: reliapundit at February 18, 2015 03:28 PM

4 I should be President. Obama, Pelosi and Reid would all be arrested. Oops, can't forget Hillary, I'd have her ass in shackles also. The UN would be expelled and our Allies (real allies) would be heavily armed to fight the barbarians. I would also bury any dead islamists with something involving swine. Grease, bacon, ham or whatever. Although, wasting bacon is not something I want to do. May just bathe them in pigs blood.

Posted by: President Rome at February 18, 2015 06:04 PM

5 So you think ameriKKKa should support regimes that oppress torture and kill their gay citizens. Very interesting as mr. spock says.

Posted by: captain*arizona at February 18, 2015 06:28 PM

6 #5 - So you think its okay to turn your back on thousands of kidnapped, enslaved, and raped little girls because you disagree with the policies of their government?

That's a liberal for you - justifying atrocities so they can further an agenda. Libs like captain*arizona don't care about the lives of innocents. They only care about imposing their beliefs on others.

Posted by: DMartyr at February 18, 2015 06:42 PM

7 DMartyr, its interesting that you make that comment. Standing back and really thinking about your comment, makes me think that there really isn't a whole lot that separates liberals from ISIS. As much as I want to call bullshit on that, it is very very sad, but very very true.

Posted by: President Rome at February 18, 2015 07:58 PM

8 Please don't call Captain*arizona a Liberal. He's just a troll, with no actual principles.

Posted by: Valerie at February 18, 2015 09:09 PM

I am an outsider who happens to have relatives in the USA. I have an opinion on this but it is not going to be a pleasant opinion.
One of the objections that we have to how the USA has been conducting foreign policy in the past is that there has been a lot of interference in the running of a country. Even here in Australia there have been accusations about the USA secretly doing things to try and overturn Australian governments. Please note that I have not always accepted those complaints!!
However, when I read what is being demanded of Nigeria by the Clown in the White House, then I see a very big RED FLAG. This is gross interference in the laws etc of another country. The USA does not have the right to tell another country that they must change their social agenda. No country should be held to ransom over social policy.
Not once did I ever hear of George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, LBJ or John Kennedy or President Ford make this form of demand on another country.
The demand is the grossest form of interference that I have seen in my lifetime. I am shocked that a President of the USA could so blatantly interfere in the running of another country like that. Of course there are plenty of other examples where he has been attempting to interfere, such as in Egypt and Syria. I do not agree with the notion of training what are claimed to be moderate Syrians opposed to Assad. I actually think that Assad should stay for the time being. He was elected to his position by a majority of the citizens who voted. The other conflict that has me very suspicious is that of Russia vs Ukraine. Who has family that have an interest in the mineral wealth of the Ukraine? His first name is Joe.

Posted by: Aussie at February 19, 2015 01:38 AM

10 Aussie:
Why are you surprised at what a narcissistic ego maniac in the position of leadership of a powerful nation does? He knows far better than anyone else what is good for us. You hear his spokes Barbie Bubbleheads tell us we are "too dumb to understand"

Posted by: Kafiroon at February 19, 2015 11:16 AM

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