Reports: Kayla Mueller May Have Been Naive or Sympathetic Leftist

I've been reading reports and criticisms that Kayla Mueller may Have bought into the whole Syrian Dead Baby Propaganda Campaign, that she may have sympathized with the plight of the Palestinians, that it was images of terrorist loving dead baby campaigners on the internet that prompter her to go to Syria.

So f*cking what? Really.

She would not be the first nor the last person to go off to the Middle East with these views to end up learning the hard way that the terrorists really are evil.

Tom Fox of Christian Pacemakers comes to mind, Tom was beheaded in Iraq for the same thing. Going there believing that he had to help and for his trouble he was rewarded by having his head chopped off by the very people he tried to help.

The bottom line is that no matter Kayla's motivations, what Islamic state did was kidnap an innocent and hold her for ransom. They took her freedom and falsely imprisoned her. Talking nice to a falsely imprisoned person and giving them a kebab doesn't take away the fact that they are held hostage.

Nor that they died in the hands of the kidnappers. No one deserves what happened to Kayla and Tom and countess others at the hands of these terrorists.


I believe that Kayla probably did go to help suffering Syrian children.

Its a shame that those making war in Syria use the broken bodies of children that died in their war to drag people into their little death trap. I don't blame Kayla for having a heart, I blame those who took her for not having one.

Posted by: Howie at 08:37 AM


1 I basically agree with what you wrote Howie, But...
We may make fun of St. Pancake as we know what she was doing.
Lee Kaplan, is the head of Stop the ISM and an investigative journalist.
He wrote an article telling more about Kayla, who was in ISM.

Posted by: Kafiroon at February 12, 2015 10:36 AM

2 Naive leftism can cause a premature death. But I guess it's OK, since they died for their "ideals."

Posted by: vyx at February 12, 2015 12:01 PM

3 Batshit. She was an active member of terror supporting, violent, antisemitic organization ISM. Nothing innocent here.

Let's just thank the Jordanians for accidentally getting rid of this piss activist bitch.

Posted by: Juster at February 12, 2015 12:16 PM

4 I guess it's about context as far as the importance of what she was involved in as far how we view her. While no doubt any reasonable person if sorry when an American is kidnapped and killed by our enemy. But glorifying her as some saint...yea, no. That's when we point out the transgressions.

Posted by: tim at February 12, 2015 12:41 PM

5 I have no sympathy for these idiots who put themselves in harms way and then expect to be rescued by the US. This girl is a prime example but remember those three morons who went hiking on the Iranian border and were snatched? There are lots of other examples. Most of the people who have have been shortened by ISIS fall into that category.

Can't they find some unfortunates that need their ministrations in a somewhat safer local? Sierra Leone for example or Bangladesh.

But they decided to put themselves in these positions and I see no reason to put US servicemen in danger to rescue them from their folly.

Posted by: agesilaus at February 12, 2015 12:42 PM

6 "So f*cking what? Really."

American servicemen and American treasure are put at risk by people WILLINGLY aiding and abetting enemies of the US. That REALLY ought to bother you.

Posted by: WVinMN at February 12, 2015 01:07 PM

7 This hateful website called The Jawa Report is either run by FEDs. It is unbelievable and evil that the American government would create a site to bash and promote hate against once section of its citizens. But then again it is the same government - with Jewish and Christian Zionist overlords who conducted 9-11 attacks against the American people and massacred 3,000 of its citizens. You may want to ask why? It was designed to expand the borders of illegal and apartheid entity of Israel.

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:37 PM

8 ISIS = Israeli Security and Intelligence Service

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:39 PM

9 Israel arms, funds, trains, and provides air cover to Al-Nusra Front - the Al-Qaeda branch in Syria. There you go with the story Al-Qaeda being the enemy of the West. Since Israel controls the USA and it is supporting Al-Qaeda, then USA supports Al-Qaeda as well.

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:41 PM

10 Kafiroon is one Zionist Jew whose behind constantly buggered by his Zionist Jewish Rabbi. He runs with fake stories.

Where is Stable Hand?
Where is Greyrooster?
Where is Moshe Ben Avram?

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:43 PM

11 Questions for you people:

1. How long are you folks spreading this hate that you're spewing against Muslims and Islam?

2. This site is either run by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) or people who work for the DHS. The question is, how can an American government or American government facilities be used against one section of its citizens (Muslims)?

3. What is the benefit that you're getting out of hating Muslims?

With those questions being asked, I have a news for you: Islam is spreading very fast, the Zionists and all of their front groups are getting exposed daily, and Europe is recognizing Palestine. Europe is also standing firm against those who want to create a war between Muslims and the West. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently stated, "Islam is here to stay". Too bad for the Zionists and their front groups who are spreading hate against Muslims in Europe and the rest of the world.

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:52 PM

12 Folks, where is Gork?

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:53 PM

13 RIP to Kayla Mueller. From what we know so far, she was not a terrorist but has seen the plight of the Syrian people, and she tried to help.

Posted by: Xariif Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 02:56 PM

14 Clean up on aisle Xariif. Bring bleach.

Posted by: WVinMN at February 12, 2015 03:28 PM

15 How about sunlight, it bleaches.

Posted by: Tony Montana Political Refugee From Cuba at February 12, 2015 03:53 PM

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Posted by: DocEpador at February 12, 2015 04:12 PM

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Posted by: (really)Xariif Man is Back and Kicking at February 12, 2015 05:27 PM

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Rusty is a coward as he would never disclose who he is. Here he is spreading hate but not identifying who he is. Why is he hiding now?

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Posted by: Kafiroon at February 12, 2015 05:56 PM

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Posted by: Omar Alomari of Columbus Ohio at February 12, 2015 05:57 PM

35 If I can change the subject from bestiality and "boy toys" for a minute, I would agree no one deserves to be treated the way ISIS mistreats people; even if they are naive liberals. I have sympathy for their families, but not so much for the idiots. They should get Darwin Awards.

Posted by: Bluegrass Pundit at February 12, 2015 06:21 PM

36 Xalif Omar why don't you shut the hell up and go back to whatever middle eastern hellhole you came from or stay there if you haven't left yet.

Fuck Mohammed. Fuck Islam. Fuck you.

Posted by: Halal Bacon at February 12, 2015 06:51 PM

37 Oh Yeah! I see old s/he/it Xlax is fired up again.
I had forgotten how foaming like a rabid ferret s/he/it gets!

Posted by: Kafiroon at February 12, 2015 07:45 PM

38 Howie - Thank you for standing up for Kayla's dignity. I have no doubt that she did this out of desire to help refugees and the victims of the war, no matter how misguided, at least she gave a f**k.

Posted by: Bag Lady at February 12, 2015 07:46 PM

39 @WVinMN

That is a valid point, soldiers sign up to go to war zones, so do doctors, reporters, cooks, truck drivers....

Activists, as I understand she went from hospital to hospital trying to locate and reunite families. yes there was risk, we should be aware of that risk. Its probably worth some risk.

I've seen no charge against her that she was aiding terrorism....

Thank god there are soldiers and other people willing to take risk.

But its a bit like applying at the police academy and then expecting that job to be "safe" that "officer safety" is a holy grail.

Shit happens. You know when you sign up, shit happens.

Posted by: Tony Montana Political Refugee From Cuba at February 12, 2015 08:52 PM

40 Xarif, why, I'm flattered you remembered me.

Like you, I have sympathy for Kayla Mueller, but not for the same reasons.

She was raised in a very leftist environment that lied to her about Islam. She was told that it was an honorable religion. She was told that Muslims want what everyone else wants. She was told many things that made it seem ordinary and good.

So she went to that part of the world to help the poor and in the process she was taken captive and executed for her ignorance.

I pity such people, not for their own stupidity but for the terrifying depths of depravity of those who profess Islam.

Yes, I said it. There are people who kill, murder and maim in the name of many causes and religions. But the one that seems most problematic these days is Islam. Why? It is a cult.

And it is a mainstream cult. It is a cult that can not withstand criticism. It is a cult that teaches hatred of others and forced conversions. Are all Muslims this way? No. But those who express a different view are often assassinated.

It is a cult that teaches terrorism. And it doesn't terrify me. It makes me want to destroy it. It tempts me by making me want to blow everything that it considers holy in to tiny radioactive bits. But I won't. And the reason is not reverence for anything you believe in.

You and your kind are destroying yourselves. All I have to do is to convince my fellow countrymen to stop keeping you from doing that, stop admitting you to our lands, and stop doing business with you.

You and your kind will descend in to a fury of self destruction. It is a greater Hell than anything I could do to you. You aren't worth helping.

There won't be any more Kayla Muellers. You can shoot each other for all I care. I can't help barbarians like you. You're not worth it.

Posted by: Gork at February 12, 2015 09:37 PM

41 Gork you're a poet. I couldn't agree more. Kayla Mueller's actions, while regrettable, only serve to reinforce the axiom that "good intentions" are no substitute for well thought out actions. The results of which will now serve to galvanize others to regard ISIS as the trash we've seen them for since the days when they were merely the "insurgency".

Posted by: USMCshooter at February 12, 2015 10:02 PM

42 Excellent, Gork.

Posted by: Kafiroon at February 13, 2015 08:16 AM

43 They murder children.

Whats some stupid woman any difference to them ?

"Naive or Sympathetic Leftist" ??? Isnt that usually redundant ?

Posted by: bregertarg at February 13, 2015 09:58 AM

44 Actually, Kayla, aka Saint Airstrike, was one of Hamas' favourite ISM whores! Then, she became an ISIS beyotch, then, she died.......this is what happens when you love Jew-H8r Jihadis like us! 8^D

Posted by: Xariif Man is Back and Kicking at February 13, 2015 11:31 AM

45 Hmm such a spew.

Xtard - first u need to start takin the meds again, and THEN get more professional mental help.

Of course he/she/it could just start cutting itself to relieve that pressure behind the eyes, which the judeo-christian god has afflicted upon it so thoroughly.

Jesus WILL forgive you if you truely seek forgiveness.

Posted by: frinkermelmack at February 14, 2015 08:29 AM

46 Youth is blinded due to not having seen much of the world. They who are critical should see the old movie "The Little Drummer Girl" and then re-evaluate.

Posted by: Karl at February 15, 2015 02:16 PM

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