Shami Still In Slami Charges Pending

Poor poor ShamiWitness, I'm sure his job is history by now.

The investigating team probing pro-IS Twitter account @ShamiWitness handler Mehdi Masoor's case has found a key evidence to prove his connections with the IS fighters.

IS sympathizer Mehdi Masoor, who hails from West Bengal, used his Twitter handle @ShamiWitness to help an IS fighter to enter Syria from Turkey, reports Indian Express.

IS fighter with Twitter handle @TalabAlHaqq Twitter, who had been waiting at the border since June 19, 2014 to enter Syria tweeted, “how can a mihajir stuck in southeastern turkey get help crossing through to raqqa in sha allah??”

To this @shamiwitness responded, “Tal Abyad crossing open now."

Masoor also marked the tweet to two other Twitter accounts, namely @onthatpath3 and @AbuUmar8246.

@ShamiWitness replied to @TalabAlHaqq's tweet within two hours, as per Bangalore Police.

Further @TalabAlHaqq tweeted to @ShamiWitness, @AbuUmar8246 and @onthatpath3, “Assalam aleykom, ShamiWitness could you please clarify how long will it be open?’’
@ShamiWitness tweeted back that “Jarabulus etc” might also be open.

So don't Jihadi your mother might starve.

Posted by: Howie at 10:58 AM


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