Lardass Michael Moore Trashes American Snipers

Michael Moore, America's lardass, could not resist a jab at deceased hero, Chris Kyle:

No doubt, M&M detests the blowout success of the movie about Kyle's sniper experiences in American Sniper.

Here's what the 'The Reaper,' another American Sniper, had to say about lardass:

BTW, if you haven't yet seen American Sniper, go see it. It is fantastic.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:40 AM


1 Greetings:

Back in my infantry days, I used to tell my new soldiers this parable.

Two young riflemen were having the age-old philosophical discussion about where to shoot those who would oppose them. One was a "head-shooter"; the other preferred the "center-mass" (torso). The head-shooter asserted that if you hit him, he's done. The center-mass guy liked the larger target area. As they were going back and forth, their Platoon Sergeant came by. "Hey, Sarge," called out the head-shooter, "where do you like to shoot the bad guys?"

"In the back," he replied.

As many as you can, as often as you can, anywhere and any way you can.

Posted by: 11B40 at January 19, 2015 11:25 AM

2 I quit caring what that huge, hypocritical, piece of filth thought a LONG time ago. If he hates America and what it stands for so much, he needs to donate all of the millions he has earned exploiting that system and move to one of the Socialist countries he seems to adore. Until he does, he has zero credibility!

Posted by: Frustrated Teacher at January 19, 2015 12:51 PM

3 "American Fuktard : The small life of Michael Moore" - a 33 second video aimed at a greyed mouldy piece of dogshit on the sidewalk - a fitting image - truth in the form of a masterpiece.

Posted by: trimvonton at January 19, 2015 02:05 PM

4 Listen you idiot, if you are so sure and stubborn in what you believe, you go over there and tell ISIS to stop what they are doing, yiu go preach to them and see how far you get.

Let us know when you get back, will ya.

Posted by: Phil at January 20, 2015 02:10 AM

5 To cowards bravery always looks like stupidity. Moore can't grasp the act and to be honest I'm glad he doesn't relate to my brothers in arms.

Posted by: USMCshooter at January 20, 2015 03:55 AM

6 I'm sure that Moore's family has forgiven the GI that shot his Nazi uncle in the back.

Posted by: Neal5x5 at January 20, 2015 03:43 PM

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