Those Killed in Australian Terror Attack Identified

I was watching the live feed when Ms. Dawson or who I believe was Ms. Dawson was carried from the Cafe to the Coffee shop. Obviously upset. It appears she died.

Police have named the two victims in the cafe siege as barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, and 34-year-old Tori Johnson, who managed the Lindt cafe. Both are from Sydney.

Johnson had worked at the Lindt cafe for more than two years, and had previously worked in other cafes in Sydney and in the US, according to a report in the SMH. He had worked at the Martin Place cafe since 2012.

His LinkedIn profile shows he moved back to Australia in 2004 after a three-year stint overseas, working at hotels in the US and the Maldives.


Katrina Dawson, a 38-year-old mother of three, was with fellow barrister Julie Taylor buying a coffee in the Lindt cafe when the gunman attacked.

Taylor and Dawson practised in the Eight Selborne chambers not far from the Lindt cafe.

Australia has stood with us through all of this, as you stood with us we will stand with you. We will also mourn with you.

May they rest in peace and may the Lord keep them.

Update: I'm getting comments that Ms. Dawson may have been misidentified, but checking the outlets the names have not changed. We will run a correction if we can determine the above is incorrect.

Posted by: Howie at 07:59 PM


1 Prayers for the families and for Australia! God bless them all! This is a sad day for the whole world.

Posted by: Mistress Overdone at December 15, 2014 10:55 PM

It was not Katrina Dawson but another woman by the name of Michaela (sp) who works with Westpac and owns a fitness business. That woman was shot in the leg.
Both hostages who died were extremely brave. Tori actually fought with the gunman and tried to grab the gun, he was shot and killed in the process. There was more than one shot, and I suspect that was when Katrina was shot. She died of a cardiac arrest whilst being transported to the hospital. It has been said that she was attempting to protect Julie Taylor who is pregnant at the time she was shot.

Posted by: Aussie at December 16, 2014 01:07 AM

3 More human sacrifices on the altar of multiculturalism.

I don't want to live in a vibrant community with a vibrant mix of cultures where good people get randomly killed by feral vibrants. But the progressives who run the USA and Australia have made it clear they do not care what we peasants want. All the public service announcements in the world will not outweigh the truth of these lost lives. Diversity is death, and the people promoting it are enemies of civilization.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at December 16, 2014 08:47 AM

4 I will retract but the MSM outlets have not yet.

Posted by: Tony Montana Political Refugee From Cuba at December 16, 2014 08:54 AM

5 This kind of thing would likely never happen in the first place where concealed weapons are common. Imagine what would have happened in Houston or Tel Aviv if one of the five that ducked out the side door when the gunman turned his back had a firearm instead.

Posted by: Frank Skog at December 16, 2014 11:35 AM

6 Something I read in the last couple of days said this was a "Kosher" cafe. Any truth to that that you've found? Husband is in hosp critically ill but recovering and I've not much chance to read.

Posted by: Bubbe at December 16, 2014 02:58 PM

7 No Bubba, it was not a Kosher cafe, it was part of the Swiss company Lindt Chocolate and they had refused to Halal certify their products. However that may have had no real bearing on the choice of location as it is possible he was heading either to government offices just up the street or the law courts where he was being tried for his other crimes as it was reported he was walking on the street when a woman noticed the gun he had and yelled out about it and he ducked into the cafe instead.
As to the woman on the stretcher, no that was not Ms Dawson.
Now another thing is, Ms Dawson is the sister of another lawyer, Sandy Dawson, who is one of the most corrupt solicitors around and is currently involved in several defamation cases bought by his boss Kerry Stokes, owner of 7 West media and also one bought by our federal treasurer against Fairfax newspapers for claiming he could be bought. His sister didn't deserve to die but perhaps the tragedy will make him stop and think about what a low life he himself is.

Posted by: The Realist of Qld at December 17, 2014 07:12 PM

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