Lone Blogger PWNS Russia

Today Russia posted an image claiming it was of a Ukrainian Jet shooting down a Malaysian airlines jet.

Well either Putin is full of sh1t or ....... nature produced the very same cloud in the very same place twice in two years.

Posted by: Howie at 01:18 PM


1 Even cooler is the Moniker 'Brown Moses'. One of the characters from the Frank Zappa Broadway musical effort called, "Thing-Fish".

Posted by: dc at November 14, 2014 01:53 PM

2 The aircraft in the faked image are so close together and moving at sharp angles to each other at "missile launch" that it would make a hit almost impossible. The very idea that the two jets flying at 600 mph could be frozen in a satellite image is just ludicrous anyway. It's clumsier than the Iranian missile test debacle.

Posted by: Spiny Norman at November 16, 2014 12:30 PM

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