ISIS Commits Another Genocide Against Albu Nimr Tribe

The US airdropped aid to the Albu Nimr tribe on Oct 28th. This tribe was part of the Sunni awakening councils and was under assault by ISIS. ISIS seeks to eliminate anyone who they believe might oppose them.

The carnage first began last week with tweets of a mass execution in Hit.

Its went downhill from there.

WAPO: Islamic State extremists lined up and shot dead at least 50 tribesmen and women in Iraq’s Anbar province, officials said Saturday, the latest mass killing attributed to the group.

The shooting happened late Friday in the village of Ras al-Maa, north of the provincial capital of Ramadi, Anbar councilman Faleh al-Issawi said.

Militants accused the men and women of Al Bu Nimr tribe of retaliating against them after being displaced from their homes when the group seized the Anbar town of Hit last month, Issawi said.

“These killings are taking place almost on a daily basis now in the areas under the control of the Islamic State group, and they will continue unless this terrorist group is stopped,” he said.

An official in the Anbar governor’s office confirmed the death toll. He spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to brief journalists.

On Thursday, authorities found the bodies of 48 Sunni tribesmen in Anbar who are believed to have been killed by the Islamic State.

That was far from the end. With reports now that between 255 to 322 men women and children have been murdered in an effort to totally wipe out the tribe.
The Iraqi government said Sunday that at least 322 members of the Al-Bu Nimr tribe were murdered by Islamic State fighters over the past week, including dozens of women and children whose bodies were found dumped in a well.

Tribal leader Sheikh Naeem al-Ga'oud said that 75 members of his tribe were killed on Sunday while trying to escape the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). They were gunned down and dumped near the town of Haditha.

“The number of people killed by Islamic State from Al-Bu Nimr tribe is 322. The bodies of 50 women and children have also been discovered dumped in a well," the country's Human Rights Ministry said on Sunday.

The Al-Bu Nimr tribe is a Sunni clan that has been fighting the Islamic State. The tribe held IS off in western Anbar province for weeks, before running out of fuel and ammunition. After the clan withdrew, IS rounded up the members and has been executing them since the beginning of last week.

Al-Ga’oud also told Reuters that IS fighters had killed 50 members of his tribe who were fleeing IS in Anbar province on Friday. They were on foot in a desert area of the province near Tharthar Lake when they were intercepted and killed by IS.

Ga’oud said he had asked the Iraqi central government on numerous occasions to provide his tribe with arms and men – but received nothing.

In a separate incident, a security official from Anbar said that 35 bodies had been found in a mass grave.

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