Ministry of Boobies: Purple Penguin Edition

A rare look into what Jawas discuss behind the scenes.

vinboobies (1).jpg




In related news some of those fancy liberal types have suggested that calling boys and girls boys and girls is racist or something and instead we should call them purple penguins so as not to hurt their feeling nor promote the *hetro-normative patriarchy

Somehow we doubt that is going to help.

Urban Dictionary: Penguin Tits
Urban Dictionary
A condition that occurs when a pair of boobs are shaped in such a manner that they both point out far to the sides, leaving a large gap in between....

Nope its totally not helping, not helping at all.


*Hetro-normative patriarchy , see I read The Other McCain.

Hat Tip: Shirley.

Posted by: Howie at 09:18 AM


1 If everything, and body, is raaaccissst, what does that even mean anymore?

Umm...what was in those pictures? I see Nothing!

Posted by: Kafiroon at October 09, 2014 01:40 PM

2 Thank God I'm a man!!!!!!

Posted by: The Man from Athens at October 09, 2014 08:30 PM

3 read through the twitter feed of Ileana Jimenez for a bit.
she is utterly obsessed with homosexuality.
she's teaching kids and promoting queers/trannys.
this mentally ill person should not be allowed within fifty yards of any child.

and yes, i saw the velociraptor and godzilla but not the giant ape. i'm a reptile guy.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at October 09, 2014 09:01 PM

4 Thank you, Jawa! I needed these today!

Posted by: Frustrated Teacher at October 10, 2014 12:01 PM

5 A purple Penguin is a Vibrating sex toy.
see Shay's Purple Penguin, just saying!

Posted by: obsidian at October 11, 2014 08:10 AM

6 Plus, the color Purple in NAZI holocaust codes meant you were a Jehovah witness.

Posted by: obsidian at October 11, 2014 08:10 AM

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