Speech Against UN Antisemitism in the UN

It's one thing to call out the UN for its antisemitism from the safety of your internet connection. It's another thing to go into the belly of the beast and call them off.


Posted by: Rusty at 03:52 PM


1 great speech!

Posted by: cj at September 09, 2014 04:32 PM

2 She was speaking at the U.N.? Some were applauding as if they agreed with her comments.
A Miracle!

Posted by: Kafiroon at September 09, 2014 05:30 PM

3 Anne Bayefsky is a marvelously talented, intelligent, truthful human being.

Posted by: Bubbe at September 09, 2014 07:13 PM

4 Never heard of her before. That is truly sad, because i think i love her :)

Posted by: ItsShakeNbaKe at September 09, 2014 09:53 PM

5 Wow!

Posted by: Bill Cook at September 10, 2014 08:20 AM

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